Alice and the Fly Event

On Thursday, the wonderful YABirmingham hosted a Q&A and signing with James Rice, the author of Alice and the Fly(find my review here) and I was so excited to attend this because whilst Alice and The Fly wasn’t my favourite book in the world, it was a really good book that had an excellent plot, interesting characters and beautiful writing. So today, I thought I’d tell you guys more about the event itself.

Why Waterstones Birmingham is the Best Bookshop in the World

Today I shall be making a post about why Waterstones High Street in Birmingham is quite clearly the best bookshop in the world. It’s clear that I may be a little bit biased but I can’t help but talk highly about this shop! Now I’m going to take you on a journey back to the 6th August last summer.

This is the day that my love for Waterstones Birmingham grew. Now let me just say first that I have been going to this shop for quite a while and it is where I buy most of my books however on the 6th August this shop became more than just a shop. This was the day that they announced that they were going to have a City of Bones fan party and I called up immediately and bought some tickets for me and my friends. It may be weird that I remember the exact day that I ordered them but that’s only because it was my cousin’s birthday. Now let’s skip forward a little bit to the 23rd August, the day of the fan party. Having watched the film two days earlier, me and my friends were very pumped and excited to go to this party. We’d never been to a fan party before and we were excited. However I was also incredibly nervous. Anyone who knows me will know that I’m usually an incredibly socially awkward person. So I was worried at the prospect of partying. However, when we finally arrvied all of my nervousness just disappeared(slightly) because it was just so much fun. We got to meet a lot of other fans and it was just a lot of fun. There was a quiz(which we completely failed at), a raffle as well as a special offer on all teen books!We got dressed up in shadowhunter gear and had so much fun. It was such a great party and I knew that I would always remember that day. We went home on a big high from such a great event.


Now let’s skip forward a few months to April 2014 when they held their second fan party which was for Divergent. This whole day was great but the party was again ridiculously fun. We failed at the quiz again but we still had so much fun meeting everyone and talking to so many people that we had things in common with. After this in May they had their City of Heavenly Fire fan party which was probably their smallest party but it was still ridiculously fun. At this point as well, they had launched their own twitter account as well as their own blog(YABirmingham) and I had become a reviewer for them! Which means that they helped me make my dream of reviewing books come true and they’ve made me more confident with my own talents as well. For the next month, I grew close to some of the booksellers there, mainly Bex and Gem, who are main organisers behind the events(we love you guys!) and as well as this, I was started to get noticed in the shop by the other booksellers. Whenever I go in now, I always have a conversation with the booksellers, not just Bex and Gem, but also the other booksellers who aren’t involved with the fan parties!  All members of the staff at Waterstones Birmingham are kind and helpful and they are always lively and asking you about your lives.

Now in June 2014, we attended The Fault In Our Stars fan party but I won’t talk about this one that much as I wrote a whole post about it so click here to go see it. In July we attended the Solitaire Launch party which I also wrote a whole post about so click here to read that. They also held many events over the summer, none of which I was able to attend, but they all looked like so much fun! I was able to go to their Isla readalong which was so much fun! I went to their book club for The Maze Runner on Friday and that was also ridiculously fun and entertaining!  They are having their Maze Runner fan party next week as well as a number of upcoming events with authors and I can’t wait!

But let’s finish this post with a summary about why I love this particular Waterstones is the best bookshop in the world:

  • All the staff are really kind and they will help you with any problems
  • They go above and beyond for their customers
  • They want their customers to be happy
  • They hold fabulous fan parties
  • They know what we want and they help us
  • They’ve made me more confident as a whole
  • They’ve made a place for all us booknerds
  • They genuinely care about you

So that’s why I love this shop and you should definitely go check them out.


Their blog

Their upcoming events

Their Twitter(Waterstones Birmingham)

Their Twitter(YABirmingham)

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you soon with a new one!


YABirmingham’s John Green Fanparty

Hey! I’m at home, recovering from my amazing and fabulous weekend that I spent with all my awesome friends. We all slept over at one friend’s house after a very amazing Saturday night. I’m not going to talk about my time with my friends but instead I’m going to talk in detail about Saturday night.

First, after meeting one of my old friends, I went down to Waterstones to meet up with my friends: Veena, Priya, Ambi, Makayla, Asmaa and Hadia. We were just hanging out in there before going to eat when Priya and Ambi found a leaflet with a list of all the upcoming events at Waterstones. Now we are all very regular customers at Waterstones and some of us are also part of their reviewer team at YABirmingham(Definitely go check them out, they are fabulous) and they had hinted that they were announcing three exciting new events tonight. We were all excited to find out what it was so when we found this leaflet we all started squealing slightly. The first exciting event was the launch party for Alice Oseman’s Solitaire(which I received this week from HarperCollins). We were all very excited because we all wanted to read Solitaire(I’m actually starting it today!) and had talked to Alice before on twitter and she was freaking amazing. The next event was a signing with the ever so amazing Lauren Oliver! I’m a big fan of Lauren Oliver and I love all of her books(well at least the ones I’ve read) and I’m so excited to meet her. If you’re interested click here to see my review of Panic and click here for my amazing friend Ambi’s review of Delirium. The final event on the leaflet was for their Maze Runner fan party! They had had three fan parties previously(City of Bones, Divergent and City of Heavenly Fire) and we were there on that night for their fourth one which was for The Fault In Our Stars. I would like to go to all their fan parties because I enjoy them all so much! We immediately bought tickets for all three events and went to eat, already buzzing with excitement.

We then went to the party and met some of our twitter friends(Zarin, Madi, Charli and Maryam)and formed the super TFIOS team quiz of “The Hectic Glow”. We all sat down to do the quiz which we were all excited about and wanted to win badly. We had allocated chapters to everyone and made sure that we all knew our trivia. We ended up getting 19 out of 20 and we were scared that someone would get full marks but we won! We honestly started screaming and jumping up and down a bit with excitement. We were so nervous we wouldn’t win because we all started arguing about the French of Hazel’s pipe t-shirt and what the correct grammar was but we didn’t need it and thanks to Priya, we got that question right. We won fabulous t-shirts, a poster SIGNED by John and Hank Green and various other little goodies. We then went downstairs and all of us were handed amazing goodie bags with 2 free books in them, including Will Grayson, Will Grayson! Next was the time for book browsing(as all books were on buy one,get one half price) and raffle ticket buying! At all of these events I had always spent around £7 on raffle tickets and never won. This time I told myself I wouldn’t spend that much but this time the raffle tickets were half the price so I still spent £7…. When it came to the raffle, my raffle tickets were picked out three times! I was so shocked but I had already got the prizes due to winning the quiz. Because of this, the kind worker took us to the cupboard and she let me pick out three books in exchange. I ended up getting Shattered, Code Name Verity and Popular. After that sadly the event was over but we were all so hyper.

Honestly, if you live in Birmingham you should definitely check these parties out as they are only £1 to get a ticket yet they are just so much fun!  At the first ever party, I just stood around and didn’t talk to anyone whereas at this one I talked to so many people and got to know everyone. Honestly, these parties have made me more confident as a person and I have YABirmingham to thank for that. Honestly thank you Gem and Bex and everyone who is involved in organising these events. If you are reading this, I want you to know how much these parties and your blog have changed me and made me a happier and confident person! I’m so happy that you’re getting people to realise that Birmingham is the second biggest city in the UK because we always get missed out! I’m so excited for the future now for YA and for Birmingham. Thank you. If you are interested in checking them out, click here to go their blog and here to go to their twitter.  Also click here to check out the details about the three upcoming events that they are having.

Thank you for reading,


This is all of us in the fabulous t-shirts that we won. Unfortunately, that's me being awkward and still being on the floor when they took the photo! Damn my short legs!!
This is all of us in the fabulous t-shirts that we won. Unfortunately, that’s me being awkward and still being on the floor when they took the photo! Damn my short legs!!