Top Five UKYA books

Today is UKYA Day! UKYA Day is an internet based campaign run by Lucy from Queen of Contemporary and the goal of the day is to spread the love for UKYA and get people talking about it. Lucy asked bloggers and booktubers to help out by making a post all about the topic of UKYA so I decided that today I would share with you my top 5 UKYA books. This was a difficult list to compile but since I’ve only started reading UKYA this year, I didn’t have as much choice as I imagined others did. This list will go from 5 to 1 with one being my most favourite UKYA read.

The British Book Challenge 2015

I know it’s very late but I’ve decided to start participating in the British Book Challenge 2014 hosted by Fluttering Butterflies(click here for her announcement post). I am vowing to read more British books in 2015 so this is why I’ve decided to participate in this challenge.