July Wrap Up

So July has come and gone somehow and I have done basically nothing this month. I literally sat and listened to music for days on end and didn’t read that much. I did end up watching a crap ton of Bollywood movies which you will see below and I did a few things but it wasn’t as productive as I hoped it would be.

Taylor Swift TV Tag

The Taylor Swift Book Tag which was created by TheBookLife has been circling booktube for a while now but recently Kayla over at BOOKadoodles changed it a little bit to make it a TV tag and I thought I’d do the TV version because I’m obsessed with TV right now. Little note, I tried not to use the same show twice because then I can talk about more fabulous shows. I also changed some of the categories slightly to make it so that I could include more shows.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- a TV show you once loved but don’t anymore

I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for this but I have to choose Teen Wolf. I used to adore this show and I used to be addicted to it however the new seasons just weren’t that great. I haven’t even finished Season 4. A lot of people say that the new seasons are better because they are more serious and scary but honestly the main reason I loved the first two seasons was because it was cheesy and funny. I’m just fed up with the show because I actually find it kind of boring right now.

Our Song – A TV show that is like your home/comfort zone

For this one I had to choose Friends because it is my ultimate favourite TV show of all time. I even made a whole post about why I love it so much so click here to go read it. I practically grew up with this show and it’s made me who I am today, as cliched as that sounds. Whenever I’m sad, sick, angry or just bored I can always go back and watch Friends to cheer me up.


The Best Day – A TV show that makes you feel nostalgic

I think for this one I should pick Doctor Who because this was again another show that I grew up on and while I don’t watch it anymore, I loved it when I was younger. I was obsessed with it during the 9th and 10th doctor eras but I just stopped watching when Matt Smith came into it. Maybe I should watch it again but I just really can’t be bothered.


Love Story – A TV show with a forbidden love

I struggled with this one but I eventually picked Nikita because in the first season Nikita and Michael’s love was strictly forbidden since they were on enemy sides however that didn’t stop me from shipping them. I love this show and their relationship was fabulous.


I Knew You Were Trouble – A TV show with a bad character that you couldn’t help but love

For this one I just had to pick Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. I mean he is the ultimate bad guy in the first few seasons but that didn’t stop the whole fandom from loving him. The fact that he was beautiful may have helped but he was also just incredibly charming. Also who could resist that wink of his? And the lip bite? He is fabulous.


Innocent – A TV show that was spoiled for you

Many TV shows have been spoiled for me but I’m going to go with the latest one that was spoiled and that was Arrow. During the summer, I watched all of season 1 and 2 of Arrow but I basically knew everything that was going to happen because of Twitter. I knew about a certain death in season 1 and I knew all the plot twists. However that did not stop me from loving it.


Everything has Changed – A TV show with a character that goes through extensive character development

I also struggled with this one but in the end I chose Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory because has really changed over the course of 8 seasons. He has become more social and has learned to accept friendship and relationships. You could just look at his relationship with Amy through the seasons and see how much he changed. I mean come on, that kiss on the train? Hell yeah.


You Belong With Me – A TV show you can’t wait for the DVD of

I have to choose The Flash for this because even though it has only just started, I need the DVD already so that I  can watch it again and again and again. It’s such a great TV show that everyone needs to watch because it’s fabulous and Grant Gustin is in it and he’s amazing.



Forever and Always- Number one TV couple

For this one I have to repeat a TV show and say Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl because I have to pick them. Their relationship was amazing but if you want to know more about other TV couples I love, check out my post about it but I must say that list has changed quite a bit since I made it.


Come Back, Be Here – A TV show you miss watching/binge-watching

This is going to seem weird because I only caught up on this show yesterday but I have to say The Mindy Project because I have completely caught up on it and  I have to wait for the new episode and that makes me sad. I need more Danny and Mindy and Jeremy and Peter and Tamra and Morgan in my life. I can’t wait for the new episodes.


Teardrops On My Guitar – a TV show that made me cry a lot

Season 5 of Merlin. Need I say more? The tears fell while I was watching that. How dare you BBC? On Christmas Eve too.


Shake it Off – A show you love and makes you want to shake off the haters

I have to choose The New Normal because I loved this show so much but it was cancelled after the first season because people didn’t like the fact that it was about a gay couple but seriously, this show was amazing and fabulous and I want more of it.

the new normal

Mine – A TV show that will forever hold a place in your heart

This may seem weird but I’m going to have to choose Glee because while I don’t like the show anymore, the earlier seasons were basically my life and I was one of the biggest Gleeks ever. Glee really changed how I felt about certain things and it made me slightly more confident and for that, Glee will always hold a special place in my heart.


That’s it for the tag and I’m going to tag everyone who wants to do it but especially Priya and Makayla because I want to see your answers. Thanks for reading.