August Wrap Up

The end of August means that I am starting college very soon and this scares me as I have no idea where my summer went. This month started out well for reading however towards the end of the month, my reading slowed down slightly however I’m still happy with how much I read this month. I also didn’t watch many Bollywood movies this month as well which is shocking but you know I was busy doing other stuff.

July Wrap Up

So July has come and gone somehow and I have done basically nothing this month. I literally sat and listened to music for days on end and didn’t read that much. I did end up watching a crap ton of Bollywood movies which you will see below and I did a few things but it wasn’t as productive as I hoped it would be.

June Wrap Up

It is the end of June and we’re officially half way through 2015. It feels like 2015 only started yesterday! For the first half of the month I was doing my exams and for the second half I was fasting and also relaxing so I didn’t really do a lot however I did read quite a few books, watch quite a few movies and get a crap ton of books! So here I am with my June wrap up.

May Wrap Up

This month has been moving along quite slowly for me since I’ve been doing my exams(I bet you’re all sick of hearing about my exams but they’re almost done!) but I did manage to get a lot more reading done than I thought I would(I was expecting to read 0 books) and I watched quite a lot of movies when I really shouldn’t have been so I’m here today with my May wrap up for you.

March Wrap Up

It’s the end of March and I’m sitting here hating myself for not doing anything productive this month. I really slacked this month in terms of reading and blogging as I’ve been watching movies and doing revision due to my upcoming exams. However, here is my wrap up of things I did this month.

February Wrap Up

February is over already! Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the first of February. As February has mysteriously finished, it’s time for me to bring you my February wrap up where I tell you the books I’ve read, the books I’ve received and other things that have been happening this month.

UKYA Extravaganza

On the 28th February, the long awaited UKYA Extravaganza finally happened and as it was being held in Birmingham(where I lived), I was lucky enough to be able to go. This event was completely amazing and I loved it. I thought I’d do a small write up of the event and everything I did there(also featuring some terrible yet fabulous photos).

January Wrap Up

So it’s the start of February(well it has been for a couple of days but let’s forget that) so I thought I’d do a January monthly wrap up where I talk about the books I read, the posts that I posted and other exciting things that happened this month. I started off the year by doing this at the end of each week but it was so difficult to keep up with so I thought if I do this at the end of each month/start of the new month then it would be easier to do. So let’s get on to the fun things I did this month.

End of 2014 Book Survey

It is now 2015 so to end my posts wrapping up 2014, I thought I’d do the end of 2014 book survey from The Perpetual Page Turner┬ájust to wrap up all of my 2014 end of year posts in one post. I love reading this survey so I thought I’d do it myself. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy reading other peoples.

end of year book survey