Favourite UKYA Books

In case you weren’t aware, July is the month of YALC which is the UK’s biggest YA book convention and one of my favourite times of the year. I am actually attending the convention this year which I am excited about because I have only been once before and that was back in 2016. I thought in celebration of YALC, I would discuss my top favourite UKYA novels. There are a lot on this list. Like a lot. And that is after I removed quite a few from it as well. But that’s just how good UKYA is. Most of these you will probably be already aware of my love for these books but we are making it an official list.

The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury

I mean, we all knew Melinda Salisbury would be at the top of this list. I love this series and I really need to re-read it soon (after I finish my Shadowhunter re-read and maybe after I re-read The Hunger Games because that prequel news has got me excited). This was the first UKYA book that I read and absolutely fell in love with. There is just something so special about this trilogy to me and it’s hard to explain (but I did attempt to explain it in a full blog post so click here to read that).

State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury

Obviously I then had to include State of Sorrow because Melinda Salisbury is my queen and everything she writes will probably always be on my favourite books list. I love this duology so much because it is incredibly political which I found to be really unique in the world of YA fantasy. I re-read the first book earlier this year to prepare for the sequel so they are quite fresh in my mind but I do really want to re-read these soon again.

I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman

Next, I obviously had to include my favourite book of 2018, I Was Born for This. I could honestly include all of her books because every single one was a 5 star read but I Was Born For This was my favourite. It’s so relatable and the way it deals with so many difficult topics is wonderful.

The Loneliest Girl In the Universe by Lauren James

Lauren James is another author where I could include all of her books on this list but I decided to pick my favourite which is her third novel. This book was so dark and suspenseful. The best part of her books, and in particular this book, are the plot twists. You will constantly be shocked and surprised if you pick up one of her books.

The Paper and Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie

This is a really new addition to the list as it only came out in May but it’s already one of my favourite UKYA reads. This book was made for me. It’s cute and full of so many bookish references so I fell in love with it straight away. Lucy Powrie deserves so much love for creating a wonderful group of characters.

All The Things We Never Said by Yasmin Rahman

This is also another really new addition to the list as it actually doesn’t come out until tomorrow, but it’s so damn good. It’s intense, emotional but also full of so much hope and wonderful friendships. Yasmin Rahman really is an author to watch.

Noughts and Crosses and Boys Don’t Cry by Malorie Blackman

I adore Malorie Blackman (despite not having read all of her books) and these two are my favourites. Boys Don’t Cry was the first UKYA book I ever read and I only read Noughts and Crosses last year which just shows how much I love her and how much I have loved her for 9 years! The two books are completely different but both so important and if you haven’t read a Malorie Blackman book yet, what are you doing.

Vendetta by Catherine Doyle

I loved this series. I binge read the first two and then had to wait a few months for the final book. I really want to re-read this trilogy soon because I feel like I’ve forgotten quite a lot of it which is a shame. Inferno, the second book, is definitely my favourite of the three books.

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

This is another UKYA trilogy that I binge-read in one go last year and it was so good. It is one of the most addictive fantasy series that I’ve read in a while and I think it is so underrated. Also the covers are stunning so that’s a bonus.

Unconventional by Maggie Harcourt

This is basically the UKYA combination of Geekerella and Fangirl. Whilst I obviously didn’t love it as much as Fangirl, I think this book was better than Geekerella and it deserves more love. It’s so fun and I also need to re-read this soon.

One by Sarah Crossan

This book is different to all of the others on the list as it is a book told entirely in verse, which isn’t usually my jam but this book really did leave an impact on me. It’s such an emotional read that will probably make most people cry.

Proud and A Change is Gonna Come

These are at the bottom of the list because I’m not 100% sure if they count as they are both anthologies with UKYA authors as well as authors from different countries. However, I decided to mention them anyway as these are two really important reads that will have you discovering at least one new author who you will love.

So those are my top favourite UKYA books. Obviously, I have loads more recommendations but these are my top favourites. What are your favourite UKYA books? Are any of you guys coming to YALC? Let me know down below!

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