Try A Chapter | Contemporary Edition

So, one day I was just looking at my physical TBR the other day and it started overwhelming me with just how many books I have that I have not read yet. There are actually quite a few books on my TBR that I’m not sure if  I actually want to read. So I decided to do the Try A Chapter tag with some of them. I actually had quite a few so I’ve split them into three categories: review copies, fantasy and contemporary. This is the final post in this mini series and I will be trying a chapter of each of contemporary books that I’m not sure about. I do read a lot of contemporary so I’m more likely to keep these ones but let’s see how I feel about them after the first chapter of each.


The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Leder

I read two chapters of this book because it kinda had two separate prologues. I am really intrigued by this. I like the idea of it and I think this will be a really quick read that I’ll enjoy so I’m keeping hold of it for now and I plan to hopefully read it soon.

Genuine Fraud by E Lockhart

This is one that I’m still unsure of. I wasn’t really a fan of We Were Liars and I only picked this up when I saw it for £1 a couple of months ago. This first chapter was interesting but I just don’t think I am a huge fan of mystery books. I’ve heard that the writing style is very strange and that it isn’t told in a linear format so I don’t think I will enjoy this book so therefore, I’m going to get rid of it.

A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews

I only read a few pages of this book rather than reading the full first chapter but that’s because I knew from the first line that I was going to keep this book. I got this in an Illumicrate box last year and I had never heard of it before but I immediately knew that I was intrigued by it. I don’t know if I’ll read it soon but I will 100% read this at some point, so I’m definitely keeping it.

Amy and Matthew by Cammie McGovern

I had a feeling that I would keep this book and after reading the first chapter, I know that I will. I’m a sucker for a romance book and I think this will be a really good and different read.

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher

I don’t think I’m going to keep this book anymore. It’s about grief which is not a topic that I like to read about a lot because I find it too sad. The first chapter didn’t really convince me to keep it so I think it’s finally time to part with this book, after 4 years of having it.

Those are all of the contemporary books that I tried the chapter of to decide whether or not to keep them. This is also the final one in the 3 part series but I might do this again with some other books on my physical TBR because I have a lot.


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