Top Ten Bookish Items I’d Like to Own

I love bookish merchandise. I buy a lot of it. I have a lot of merchandise that I want. This week’s prompt for Top Ten Tuesday was top ten bookish items that we want to own. My list is way too long though so I thought I would narrow this down and relate it specifically to my favourite books of all time, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowel and the Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. I will also provide you with some links to buy them for yourself because you know you want them too.

Fangirl Sweatshirt 


How cute is this sweater? I love sweaters so much and this one looks perfect for me.

Cath Pop Funko


I love pop funkos and I’m always tempted by the custom pop funkos but they are so expensive.

Tessa Gray Wall Tapestry


I’ve been obsessed with this for ages. I have the perfect place to put it but I’ve put off buying it for years. My friend bought it for herself earlier this year and I’m so jealous.

Levi Candle


I don’t even use candles that much but some reason, I love looking at bookish candles. I stop myself from buying them though because they will just literally sit on my bookshelf and look pretty but I think I would love this one.

Levi and Cath magnetic bookmarks


How adorable are these?! They are so ridiculously cute so I need them.

Clockwork Prince Bookmark


This is yet another ridiculously pretty bookmark that I need in my life. It fits the infernal devices aesthetic so well.

Shadowhunters Lip Balm

lip balm

These are so cool and original, how could you not want them?

Infernal Devices Bookmarks


There are just too many adorable bookmarks that I want.

Jem and Will Candles

tid candles

Even more candles that I really want to buy. I really need to finally invest in some bookish candles.

Will Pillow


I love bookish pillows. I own so many of them (I already own a Fangirl one) and this would match perfectly with the wall tapestry if I ever get both.

Those are some of the bookish merch items that I am desperate for. Any that you love too? Any that you already have? Let me know down below.



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