Top Ten Books By My Favourite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read

This week is a tough topic for me. There aren’t many books by my favourite authors that I have yet to read because I am the sort of person who likes to read every book by an author that I love. Therefore, some of these books are not by my favourite authors but they are all by authors that I admire greatly.

Soulmates and How Do You Like Me Now? by Holly Bourne 

I love Holly Bourne’s books but I’ve kinda put off reading her debut because I had a friend who read it but didn’t like it very much so I’m unsure about how I will feel about it. Not many people talk about it as much as her other books so I don’t know if I ever will read it. As for her first adult book, I own it and want to read it but there aren’t many adult books that I like so I’m slightly sceptical.

Damage and Tender by Eve Ainsworth

I love Eve Ainsworth and her books are always quick to read so I’m annoyed that I haven’t read her two latest releases. I’ve put off reading them slightly because her books are always emotional and heavy and I just haven’t been in the mood for that type of book.

The Last Beginning by Lauren James

I’m ashamed that I haven’t read this yet. I LOVED The Next Together and her other book, The Loneliest Girl In The Universe, but I’ve put off the Last Beginning as it is a companion novel to the Next Together which I read 3 years ago and I don’t remember it all. I’m just scared that I will be lost and confused for the whole book.

Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi

I’m not a huge fan of the Shatter Me series but I do love Tahereh’s writing so I feel like I may enjoy her other series more. I’ve owned Furthermore since it first released and I’m determined to read it at some point.

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

I love Marie Lu. I think her writing and worldbuilding is fantastic so I’m mad that I haven’t read this trilogy yet especially since I own the whole series. I also haven’t read her Batman book yet but that’s because I hate Batman so I don’t know if I’ll ever read it.

The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

I was obsessed with Rick Riordan’s books for a while but I fell behind on his new releases so I haven’t read any of his books past the first Magnus Chase book. I am determined to at least finish the Magnus Chase trilogy and read The Kane Chronicles because I’ve owned that series for like 3 years.

The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

As you may have already gathered, I love Cassandra Clare and I can’t believe that there’s a whole series by her that I haven’t read yet. I bought it the day it released but put it off because I’m not really a fan of Holly Black’s writing but I’m determined to at least attempt it.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

I used to be a huge Lauren Oliver fan but I haven’t read any of her new releases past Vanishing Girls. I also for some reason never read her debut which is weird because it seems like something that I would enjoy.

An Author’s Odyssey by Chris Colfer

I love Chris Colfer and I think he’s an amazing author. I’ve read almost all of his books but I have yet to finish off the Land of Stories series as I can’t remember what happened in the other books. This is a common occurrence with me because I’m not a massive fan of rereading full series unless it’s a series that I really love.

Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

Like everyone else, I love To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. However, I really disliked the Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy so I’m sceptical about whether or not I should read this series. Should I try it out? Let me know down below.

So those are some books by authors that I love that I haven’t read yet. I’m ashamed of most of these and I hope to get to them soon.

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