Cake World Premiere

Today, I’m bringing you something very different and incredibly exciting. On Tuesday 13th March, I was lucky enough to be invited to be part of the press for the world premiere of Cake. Cake is a Pakistani film that is releasing on the 29th March in UK cinemas. It is a family drama about love, loss, choices and responsibilities. Today, I’m excited to share with you my interviews with some of the cast as well as the director, Asim Abbassi.

It was so exciting to go to my first ever film premiere and to get to be part of the red carpet process. It was definitely an exciting and enlightening process that I really enjoyed. In order to further get an idea of what my night was like, here is just a short overview of what I experienced.

I was lucky enough to get to talk to the director about the benefits of co-producing a film between the UK and Pakistan as well as the importance of bringing Pakistani cinema to the world. I found his answers to be very insightful and it got me even more intrigued to watch the film.

After that, I got to speak to some of the main cast members of the film. First up, I spoke briefly to Aamina Sheikh, who plays Zareen in the film. We spoke very briefly about why she feels like Cake will connect with people on a worldwide scale.

Then I got the chance to speak to Adnan Malik who plays the role of Romeo in the film, the love interest to Aamina’s character. He spoke very quickly about Cake building barriers between Pakistani cinema and the world as well as the difference between working in Pakistani dramas and films as this is his first feature film.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to personally talk to Sanam Saeed, the other lead actor in the film but I have been given permission to share her interview that she did in conversation with DesiBlitz from Anuj Radia who was kind enough to share his interview with me. She spoke briefly about the film’s values.

Overall, this was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I am so grateful to everyone involved. From the cast and crew of Cake who were kind enough to talk to me for a few minutes during their very busy red carpet to Media House London who allowed me to attend. Also massive thanks to Anuj Radia from DesiBlitz who helped me navigate and understand my first red carpet. The biggest thanks goes to Kopal Gupta who helped in so many ways. From helping me with questions to filming and editing the interviews, thank you so much for everything. I definitely think this event was the start of new coverage on my blog and I can’t wait to see what I do in the future.

Also I was lucky enough to watch the film this week so look out for my review coming soon!

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