Recent Films #1

So since I have finished doing monthly wrap ups, I haven’t been able to talk about some of the films that I’ve watched and loved. So I thought I would do a similar thing to what I have been doing for some of my recent reads by talking about some films that I’ve recently watched – whether I loved them or hated them.

Black Panther

Like everyone else in the whole world, I am bloody obsessed with Black Panther. Like ridiculously obsessed. Like I can’t stop thinking about it.  I have seen it a grand total of three times in the cinema. This is the first time I’ve ever watched a film in cinema multiple times. The whole film is absolutely fantastic. I don’t think I can point out any flaws in this film because it is a flawless film. The characters, the world, the battles, the plot and everything added up to make one of the best films I think I’ve ever seen. If you have yet to watch it, what is wrong with you? Get yourself to the cinema right now to experience the beauty on the big screen.

Love Simon

This might be a cheeky film to put on this list since it isn’t officially out yet but they organised free screenings of it all around the UK so obviously, I jumped at the chance to go. I loved the book so much so I was excited but also nervous to see the film. It definitely did not disappoint at all. It captured the essence of the book and turned it into such a beautiful film. Nick Robinson was amazing as Simon and the cast as a whole did an amazing job. I am definitely going to watch it again when it officially comes out in the UK on April 6.

English Vinglish

If you’re clued into the Bollywood world, then you will have seen the very sad news that Bollywood legend Sridevi passed away. The whole industry and all the fans were shocked to say the least. It was a very sad day for Bollywood. After the news broke, I realised that I had never seen any of her films so I decided to watch English Vinglish, one of her most recent films that everyone loves. I absolutely loved this film. It was such a heart-warming, beautiful film with a strong message. Sridevi is a fantastic actress and I’m sad that I’ve only recently been introduced to her insane talent but I have 300 films of hers left to go so I can’t wait to watch more of her films.

Judwaa 2

So from 3 amazing films to possibly the worst film I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen the original film but I had no hopes for this remake. This film is honestly one of the stupidest films ever with no logic and extremely sexist and mysognistic themes. I only watched it because I like to consider myself a fan of Varun Dhawan but he was god awful in this film. The only good things about this film were the songs and the many references about various Bollywood films.

How many of these films have you seen? What were your opinions on these films? Let me know down below.

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