Meaningful Reads: The Sin Eater’s Daughter

Today, I’m starting a new series on my blog. I have this habit of starting blog post series and then not actually carrying on with them but hopefully this one will stay for a while because it’s about something that I really love. This series as all about the books and series that mean the most to me. In each post, I’m going to spotlight one book that means a lot to me and explain why it means so much to me. The best part about reading in my opinion is the fact that books can affect everyone differently. A book can have a major meaningful impact on me but not matter at all to someone else. It doesn’t have to be the best book/series in the world but it’s the impact that matters the most. So I’m going to discuss some of the books that had the most impact on me. Everyone talks about the impact of Harry Potter on their lives and whilst I love Harry Potter, it didn’t have as meaningful as an impact on my life as it did to others so the books I am going to talk about are my Harry Potters, I guess.

What better way to start this series than by discussing the Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy by Melinda Salisbury? This may seem like such a random pick to some of you, especially if you don’t read UKYA but this series has had such a major impact on me.


So storytime. The first book in this trilogy came out in early 2015 and I distinctly remember picking up a copy in Waterstones a week before official publication date because all of the UKYA bloggers were raving non-stop about it  and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I didn’t know what the story was or anything about it really but picked it up based on the hype in the UKYA community.  At this time, I was just getting into UKYA so I wasn’t really up to date with the #ukyachats and everything and I think this was the first new UKYA release that I picked up.

I remember coming home that day and immediately starting it. I actually wasn’t that interested until around 50 pages in when I became hooked. I read the whole book on that day because on every page, there was plot twist after plot twist after plot twist and I just couldn’t stop reading. I honestly can’t remember the last time that happened to me when the book wasn’t a sequel or a Cassandra Clare book. I distinctly remember finishing it and immediately messaging my friends about how they had to read this book (they did and they got hooked on the series too, you’re welcome Asmaa).

After finishing it, I immediately tweeted about my love for it and that was the first time I ever talked to Mel. If by some weird miracle, you haven’t seen Mel’s twitter account, she’s honestly the best person on there. She’s hilarious and very kind and welcoming. We tweeted for a while about how amazing her book was and I don’t remember exactly how but from there we became friends.

Now let me tell you, I was OBSESSED with the Sin Eater’s Daughter. I could not stop talking about it. I was constantly recommending it during #ukyachat. In fact, I can’t remember a single #ukyachat when I didn’t recommend it.  It climbed to the top of my ultimate favourites list which was very strange for me considering it was basically unknown outside of the UKYA community.

There are many reasons why this series means a lot to me. One main reason is because of the main character Twylla. It’s one of the few times where a fantasy series hasn’t had a ‘strong’ female lead. I can’t remember a fantasy novel that ever had a character as realistic as Twylla. She’s naive and she doesn’t know what to do but what 17 year old does? It made the series felt more real to me because I felt like if I was in Twylla’s place, I would have done similar things. Also the other characters really meant a lot to me too, especially Merek 😉

But honestly the main reason why this series means so much to me is because of what it lead to. I honestly feel like this book was my way in to the UKYA community because I built so many new friendships through talking about The Sin Eater’s Daughter and a lot of the friends I have now in the blogging community are because of this book and I honestly can’t thank Mel enough because this series actually changed my life (I’m trying to not be soppy but it’s hard to not be).

Also, this series is the reason I chaired my first ever event at Waterstones Birmingham! I was invited to chair the event by Jamie to celebrate the release of the final book in the trilogy as I was one of the first fans of the series and it was honestly so amazing. I was terrified and I didn’t think that I’d ever be able to do something like that but my confidence has really grown over the past few years. It also helped that the event was with Mel who I knew and was comfortable with and I knew most people in the audience because there are so many regulars at the YA events at Waterstones. I will always be grateful for the fact that this series allowed me to improve my confidence a little bit more by getting me to chair my first event.

The trilogy is over now and it feels strange. I have no new release in this world to wait for but I’m incredibly satisfied with how this series ended. This series meant a lot to me and it still does. It’s shelved next to my Harry Potter books and Cassandra Clare books on my shelves because that is how much it means to me.

So that’s the first book in my Meaningful Reads series. I don’t think I accurately explained how much this series means to me but that’ll probably be a recurring theme in this series. It’s hard to put into words when a book means a lot to you but I hope I explained it enough and it wasn’t too soppy and repetitive. What are some books that mean the most to you? Let me know down below.

2 thoughts on “Meaningful Reads: The Sin Eater’s Daughter

  1. Wow, I loved reading about how much this series means to you! I have some series that hold special places in my heart, too, because of what they lead to. I currently have The Sin Eater’s Daughter sitting on my bookshelf and you just encouraged me to pick it up soon. 🙂

    -Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger


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