Moondust by Gemma Fowler Blog Tour

Today, I am here with my blog tour guest post for Moondust by Gemma Fowler which is a book published by Chicken House that sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to pick it up. Today, Gemma will be talking about her inspiration for the book in terms of space so without giving you  a long winded useless introduction, let’s go on to Gemma’s post.

MoondustI’m a space girl. I always have been. Ever since my dad gave me an old telescope at the age of eight, I’ve wanted to write stories about that big, black glittering void that surrounds us.

I’m a complete layman when it comes to the actual science of space,but it was researching my debut novel, Moondust, that led me to love the awesome, mind blowing science behind the science fiction.

Moondust is the fantastical story of a post-energy-crisis Earth, united after the discovery of lumite, an energy-producing crystal hidden under the surface of the Moon. It’s fiction, obviously, but it is loosely based on fact – the Earth will run out of fossil fuels someday, and we probably will mine the moon (but for silica or Helium-3).

Like Arthur C. Clarke said, ‘Science is just magic that we don’t understand yet.’

How awesome is that? And it’s so true. Science and technology have given us everything, from CG in movies, to microwave popcorn, to Snapchat.

My brain doesn’t work in numbers and figures (anyone that’s ever tried to organise me will know this), but loads of girls’ brains do. STEM subjects are the future, so we must get more girls into them.

And in the future, STEM subjects are only going to become more and more important. Technology is going to progress at ever-increasing speeds, space travel will start up again (I have EVERYTHING crossed for this), the solution to climate change and antibiotic resistance and all the other things that should be worrying us much more than they are will be found in STEM.

Recently, I found out that Moondust had started up a (quite heated) discussion in a school’s science department about whether the Moon really does have moonquakes. I love this. Maybe sci-fi novels like Moondust can act as an entry point for girls to discover a love of science, just like I did.

I hope so. We need them.

Gemma Fowler is the author of Moondust, out now, priced £6.99.

Find out more about Moondusthere or follow Gemma on Twitter.

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