Top 10 Movies of 2016

So it’s the start of a new year but before we start a new year, first we have to end the last one. No year is complete without me compiling a list of my favourites. Usually, I just do it with books but in 2016, I reached peak levels of Bollywood obsession so obviously I have to count down my favourite movies of 2016. This isn’t exclusively Bollywood as there are a few Hollywood films and it also isn’t exclusively 2016 releases but just movies I watched for the first time in 2016. Also, I have not watched some of the biggest Bollywood and Hollywood movies of the year so if a big, well loved film is not on this list then I probably haven’t seen it yet. Some of you may judge me and think I’m weird or stupid for some that are on this list but hey, favourites are favourites. (Also disclaimer: Pink  won’t appear on this list but it is one of my favourite films. As I watched it on the last day of the year, it’s hard to place where it would be/the impact of it since it’s the latest one I saw so the lasting impact is hard to figure out but it’s definitely a film to check out).

10. Khoobsurat

khoobsuratI’ll probably get judged a lot for putting this film on the list. It’s just a random Indian romantic comedy that isn’t really anything special. I don’t know what it is about this film but I just can’t get it out of my head and I rewatch parts of it weekly. I think it’s the humour as well as the gloriousness of Fawad Khan, but I just really love this film. Don’t judge me.

9. Zootropolis/Zootopia

I didn’t expect to love this film as much as I did. Me and my friend just randomly decidedzootopia to watch it as we wanted to go to cinema but there was nothing that either of us really wanted to watch but we came out in love with this film. I recently rewatched it on TV and fell even more in love. As with most Disney movies, I loved the message that it taught and I loved how it was so unexpectedly relevant to our society today. I think this is a Disney film that most people missed yet everyone should definitely go watch it. I also think this film is 1000x better than Inside Out.

8.Civil War

I love Marvel so clearly Civil War had to be on the list. It may even be my favourite Marvel civil-warmovie yet (I haven’t seen Deadpool yet). I loved the cast of characters and the story. My favourite thing about Marvel is the humour and this film definitely had a lot of it. The airport scene is one of my favourite things ever to watch because it’s just so epic. Now, I want to go back and watch a lot of the Marvel movies that I’ve missed.

7.Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

fantastic-beastsDid you really expect not to see this on the list? Come on, really? The Wizarding World is one of my favourite places in the world and I love anything set there so obviously, I was going to love Fantastic Beasts. Everything about it was awesome and cool, especially the beasts. I want my own niffler and Picket, please. I am dying for this sequel already.

6. Dangal

I expected a lot from this film and that is what I got. Aamir Khan is an acting powerhouse dangal-1and he always delivers kick-ass performances in great films. Yet somehow in this film, he wasn’t the best thing about it. The 4 debut actresses who were cast as the main girls were phenomenal. The choreography of the wrestling scenes, the music, the whole thing really was done amazingly well. My favourite thing about it though is the fact that you walk away with a feeling of empowerment and you think that you can do anything.

5. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

This film had a lot of negative reviews but that didn’t stop me from loving it. Karan Johar adhmfilms are just so special to me and I really love them, ADHM being no exception. Honestly, I think my love for this film has grown over time. I loved the way that the story turned out (minus the stupid plot twist in the last 20 minutes) and I loved the theme of unrequited love. Both characters are selfish yet that’s what is so unique about them because they aren’t your typical Bollywood heroes. Ranbir Kapoor knocked it out of the park with his performance, as did Anushka Sharma. What made this film as amazing as it was is definitely the soundtrack. It’s rare for a film to have a perfect soundtrack will all the songs blowing you out of the park but ADHM did that. Channa Mereya is my favourite song of the year and one of my favourites of all time. I will stand by my love for this film even though I will be judged a lot for putting this on my list at all, especially at number 5. (Yes I’m still bitter about Fawad Khan’s roles being severely cut in this movie so I purposely picked a Fawad gif for this)

4. Dear Zindagi

I fell in love with this film, as I expected to. Ever since this film was first announced, I was dear-zindagiincredibly excited because SRK and Alia in the same film? Umm, yes please. They are two of my favourite actors and this film did not disappoint. I loved the fact that it talked so openly about a lot of issues that aren’t discussed in Bollywood, mainly mental health which is ignored a lot in films in general. Alia was amazingly mesmerising as Kaira, a character who you will either love or hate depending on how similar you are to her. I feel like I’m a lot like Kaira so obviously, I loved her character. SRK was amazing as the therapist/life coach and I like how this film portrays a positive relationship with a therapist which isn’t shown often.


Neerja is one of the simplest of films that I didn’t realise I would love as much as I did neerjawhen I watched it. I came away from that film thinking that it was okay but in the months since I watched it, I’ve thought about it a lot and realised that it’s an incredibly powerful and moving film. What made it even more powerful is the fact that it’s a true story. The fact that a woman like this actually existed who did all these heroic things yet she’s not talked about enough. What shocked me the most about this film is the acting because Sonam is not one of my favourite actors yet she still delivered a kick ass performance.

2.Kapoor And Sons

I’ve fallen madly in love with this film. I watch it quite frequently and I think it’s an ksamazing film that everyone needs to watch. The story is so relatable, raw and real. There is no need for fancy embellishments and there are no fantastical elements because the characters are the story. Everyone will relate to at least one character in the film. I related the most to Sidharth Malhotra’s character but he wasn’t my favourite. Fawad Khan is one my favourite actors of all time and his character in this film really made it. I know that they approach 6 other mainstream Hindi actors before him who all turned it down but honestly, I could only imagine Fawad in this role. The whole cast was fantastic and the music worked perfectly for the film. If you want a good family drama, definitely watch Kapoor and Sons. Don’t miss it, especially since it’s probably the last full main character role that Fawad will do in Bollywood ever.


pkThis is a 2014 release that everyone raved about. My parents loved it as did the Bollywood industry so one day  I just decided to finally try it out and I’m so glad I did. It is one of those perfect commercial Hindi films that still has a great message and story which is rare these days. Aamir Khan impresses me every time I watch him act because he fully transforms for every role and is unrecognisable in each role. Anushka is one of my favourite actresses as well and I think she pulled off this role perfectly. What I love the most about this film is the wit and humour. I haven’t laughed as much at a film in so long yet it wasn’t just pure fun and that’s the beauty of a Raju Hirani film.


So those are my top 10 films that I saw in 2016. What about you guys? Any that you loved? Any amazing films that I may have missed this year? Let me know down below!


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