Auto-Buy Authors

So today, I thought I would share some of my auto-buy authors with you. These are the authors that no matter what they write, I will automatically pick up their books without thinking twice about it. Surprisingly I have quite a lot of them so today I’m only going to share 5 of them with you.



Rainbow Rowell

If you know me at all then this is an obvious one. Rainbow Rowell is my ultimate favourite author for many reasons. All of her books would make my favourite books of all time list for sure. There is something about Rainbow Rowell’s writing that makes her novels so great to read because her characters feel so real. If you’ve never picked up a Rowell book then you’re a fool and you need to go do that straight away.

Stephanie Perkins

I love YA romance and for me, the two queens of YA romance are Rainbow Rowell and Stephanie Perkins. Perkins’ Anna and the French Kiss companion novel series is just fantastic. Her books are quick and easy to read but they will still stay with you long after you’ve read them. Apparently, she’s currently writing a YA horror novel which isn’t a genre that I enjoy but I’d read anything by this woman.

Cassandra Clare

My obsession with Cassandra Clare is getting slightly out of hand. Her books no longer fit on one shelf. Whilst the Mortal Instruments series definitely is not the best series that I’ve read, The Infernal Devices is my favourite series of all time. I’ve read all of her Shadowhunter books and I own The Iron Trial but I haven’t quite got around to reading it yet mainly because I’m not a great fan of Holly Black. What I love the most about Cassandra Clare’s books is how quickly they will suck you in.

Eve Ainsworth

I don’t know how Eve Ainsworth manages to write books that are short, quick yet still so heart-wrenching. I read 7 Days in one sitting. I read Crush in one sitting. Yet even now, I still think about both of those books. Eve manages to deal with serious issues in such a great way and I think that her books are incredibly important for young teenagers.

Melinda Salisbury

Any surprise? The Sin Eater’s Daughter was my favourite book of last year and the Sleeping Prince will definitely at least be in my top 5 for this year. I seriously don’t know how she does it. Every page of her books kill me a little inside but I still want more. I feel like I enjoy experiencing the pain that she puts you through in her novels. I am dying for book 3 and I will definitely read anything my Queen writes.

So those are just some of my auto-buy authors. Are they your auto-buy authors? Who are your top 5 auto-buy authors? Let me know down below.

8 thoughts on “Auto-Buy Authors

      1. Same! I picked the first one up not knowing what to expect and now I eagerly wait for each one haha! I read The Sleeping Prince too quickly so I’m left waiting once again

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