College Is Killing Me

So, you may have noticed that my blog posts have severely decreased in number. My only two other blog posts this month were both scheduled. I’m also not tweeting as much (still tweeting but hardly) From the title, you can therefore tell why this is but I thought I’d just do a small blog post explaining why I won’t be posting as much for a couple of months.

I honestly didn’t think that A Levels would take this much out of me. GCSEs were hard but nowhere near as difficult as this. Therefore, I’ve had to completely change my lifestyle. I’ve lost a lot of free time as I now spend every evening after college doing college work until 9/10pm and then I go to bed. Over the weekend I have a little bit more time but even then I usually spend about 9/10 hours doing college work on both days. This means that I’ve lost the time and the energy to read and blog. Whenever I do have spare time or I’m winding down, I cannot focus as much on a book so I just stick on a film or a TV show. That’s hardly ever now though. I’m trying to balance college life, reading, blogging, watching my shows, watching Bollywood and seeing friends all at once but it’s bloody hard. So the amount that I’m reading is severely decreasing this year as well as the amount of posts I post. This will continue to happen until May. I start my exams on the 17th May and finish on the 20th May (6 exams in 4 days, kill me now) and I am now in ultra revision/work mode so I’m limiting everything else I do. This makes me incredibly sad but I know that it will be worth it once I hopefully get the grades I want.

I hope you guys understand.

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