2015 Blogging Resolutions Lookback

Last year, I set myself a lot of resolutions, including some blogging ones therefore I am here today to look back on my 2015 blogging resolutions and to see whether or not I completed them.

My 2015 blogging resolutions were:

  • Make at least one post a week
  • Review at least every other book I read
  • Make more creative posts
  • Venture out and comment on other people‚Äôs blogs

I didn’t make at least one post a week but I think I wrote the equivalent of once a week. At the start of the year, I blogged a lot. I reviewed a lot of books and made a lot of posts but recently I’ve been slacking quite a bit.

I didn’t quite review at least every other book I read. I reviewed quite a lot but not every other book. That’s probably due to the fact that in the last few months, I’ve lost my love for reviewing books but I’m hoping to get back into it soon. I did however start doing my detailed monthly wrap ups recently in which I wrote a small review for every book I read that month which I guess made up for that.

I did try and venture out this year with creativity in my posts. I really did but I struggled. It’s hard to come up with creative posts but I’m working hard to get some for 2016! I also didn’t really comment much on other people’s blog posts but I am hoping to dedicate more time to doing that.

Those were my 2015 blogging resolutions. I guess I need to lower my expectations and resolutions. What about you guys?

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