2015 TV Show Wrap Up

I love to watch TV and this year was no exception. I carried on watching some of my old favourites, I started some new ones and I binge-watched whole seasons so I thought I would share some of them with you today. This list is in no particular order.

dance academyThe first show I watched this year was in January and that was an Australian show called Dance Academy. In January, I found this show on Netflix and I quickly got addicted. I think I ended up watching all 3 seasons in a week… I loved it! It was an amazing show about a ballet school that was so much fun but it also broke my heart at times!

At the start of this year, I got back into Glee. Back in 2010 and 2011, I was a hardcore Glee fan. Hardcore. Yet, I lostGlee cool kids interest in season 4 because season 4 and season 5 weren’t that great. However, the last season came out this year so I caught up so that I could watch the last few episodes. Season 6 was just amazing. It was exactly like the first few seasons and I loved that. I really will miss Glee now.

tbbt-the-horrorI carried on watching The Big Bang Theory this year. This is a great show that I love to watch whenever I’m feeling sad or bored because it’s basically always on E4 in the UK. I love everything about this show and the new season has been fantastic so far as well.

I love Greg Berlanti’s shows as you can probably tell so obviously thisflash arrow cross over year I carried on with The Flash and Arrow. The Flash is my favourite currently airing TV show. I absolutely love everything about it. I also adore Arrow because it’s the perfect counterpart to The Flash. They are two completely different shows but they work so well together. I especially love their crossover episodes. I also started watching his other show, Supergirl this year when it came out. I quite like it. It’s not as good as The Flash or Arrow in my opinion but it’s pretty good.

cookie empire are you stupidDuring the summer, every Tuesday I would watch Empire with my family. I loved watching it not just because it’s a great show but also because I loved having something to watch with my family. I loved season 1 but I have yet to move on to season 2. I definitely will move on to watching it soon enough though.

In September, a new show called Quantico started airing and I absolutely fellquantico in love with it. It is such an intense, dramatic film that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. I loved the way that it is filmed and intricately woven.

Nadiya GBBO speechLike every other Briton, I love The Great British Bake Off. I love to bake so obviously, I was going to love this show. This year, the show was the greatest than it had ever been before. Queen Nadiya for the win. When Bake Off finished, The Apprentice replaced it which is another show that I watch every year. One small part of me does want to start my own business so The Apprentice craves that part of me.


So those are some of my 2015 TV shows. Any that you love?


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