E-Book Love

Recently on Twitter, I’ve been seeing a lot of hate for e-books and e-readers so as an avid reader of e-books(as well as physical books), I’m here to defend them and talk about why I read them and love them.

I hated the idea of e-readers at first. I thought it would be like reading on my phone but then I tried out my cousin’s Kindle Fire and I fell in love with it. All of the reasons that I had put forward for not wanting one were all true. Reading on a Kindle is completely different to reading on a phone. It’s easy to read and it doesn’t hurt your eyes.

Why do I love Kindles? Well because they’re easy. You can understand how hard it can be to carry around massive books and now that I go to college, I can’t fit a book into my bag. My Kindle however is small and light so it comes with me to college and everywhere I go. Whenever I have free time, I pick up my Kindle and start reading. I am saving my back from breaking because I no longer have to carry around a massive book with me. And if by some miracle, I don’t have my Kindle on me, I can carry on reading on my phone without having to find my page or having to buy a new copy.

I can’t argue that I save money because I end up buying physical books and e-books but it’s money well spent for me. I can get a new release at midnight. I don’t have to wait for shops to open or for the deliveries to come. It makes life so much easier. It’s so easy to buy new books on a Kindle and I can have it straight away without having to wait or leave the house.

One argument that I saw on Twitter was that you don’t remember the experience of reading an e-book and that reading an e-book has very little impact on you over time and that you forget the book easily. What rubbish. I have read a lot of my favourite books on my Kindle. The Infernal Devices, Fangirl, Lola and the Boy Next Door, the list goes on and on. Those books have had a lasting impact on me and I remember my experience of reading them so honestly anyone who uses this argument has clearly never read one of their favourite books on a Kindle.

What is everyone else’s opinion of reading e-books? Anyone share the same opinion as me?

2 thoughts on “E-Book Love

  1. Thank you for this post. Personally i think it’s about a story. They used to be passed on directly from one mouth to another before writing was a thing. Then came books, then came e-books. The medium does not matter, it’s about keeping a story alive.

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