The One Where Sofia Discusses Her Love For Grant Gustin

I have many obsessions in my life. It’s in my nature to obsess over things. I never really just like something, I become fully obsessed. Due to this, I have had many obsessions in my life that have come and gone but a few stick around for a while. I have previously discussed three of them: Friends, McBusted and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and today I’m here to talk to you about a very prominent obsession in my life; My obsession with Grant Gustin. If you don’t know who Grant Gustin is, he is the star of the hit TV show The Flash but my obsession didn’t start with the Flash. Let’s take you back in time and tell you the story about me and Grant Gustin.

Grant Gustin Glee

I have been a hardcore Glee fan since it first premiered and I used to watch that show religiously. I was obsessed with Glee for so long but during season 4, I lost interest in the show(I did catch up with it all eventually). But in 2011, during season 3, a new Warbler came in by the name of Sebastian Smythe, played by the ever fabulous Grant Gustin. The Warblers were my favourite group in Glee and when he first appeared during the performance of Uptown Girl, I really liked him and I thought he was a great actor and singer but I wasn’t obsessed at that point. The obsession started when the Michael Jackson episode of Glee aired…

Grant smile

This episode is still one of my favourite episodes of Glee. Grant had a key role in this episode, displaying his fabulous singing and acting ability, particularly in Smooth Criminal. Hearing him sing Smooth Criminal won me over. I was fully obsessed with this guy. They cut out one of my favourite songs that he’s done(The Warbler version of I Want You Back) but thankfully, afterwards they released it online.

Nobody knew who he was. He only appeared in 7 episodes of Glee and he was a very minor character. I kept talking about him and everyone would be confused. One day, he even tweeted me and I was so ecstatic(it’s practically impossible now to get him to tweet you because of how famous he is!).


He was then cast in two episodes of Arrow so of course, I binge watched Arrow(that’s a whole other obsession right there) so that I could be all caught up for his two episodes in the middle of season 2. And then, he got his own spin off show which came to be The Flash and I couldn’t handle the excitement. Grant playing the lead role in his own TV show? YES PLEASE.

The Flash

So obviously I love Grant because he sings amazingly but The Flash has also shown off just how amazing he is at acting. The emotional scenes in The Flash are some of the best scenes that I’ve seen and the acting is just superb.

Grant catching bullet

So now you know the story of Grant Gustin and why I’m obsessed with him. He has been my number one celebrity crush since 2011 and I don’t see him being replaced anytime soon. I have seen almost everything he has appeared in and I will continue to do so.


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