My 2016 Reading Resolutions

It’s almost the end of 2015 and the start of a new year and that means resolutions. I love setting myself resolutions even if I never stick to them so today I am here to give you my 5 general reading resolutions.

Read 52 Books

Usually my goal for the year is a lot higher however I have recently started my A Levels so in 2016, I need to really work hard and buckle down to do a lot of work and do well in my A Levels so I’m lowering my goal. I put my goal as 52 because that would mean one book a week and that seems to be a realistic number to reach for.

Read at least one classic

I never read classics. It’s a well known fact. I only ever read them when I have to read them for school so next year, I want to read at least one classic for enjoyment. I’m not including the many books that I will have to read for my English Literature A Level in this because obviously I’m going to read them but I want to just read a classic out of choice and hopefully enjoy it!

Read one non-fiction book

I also never read non-fiction. I have read a few autobiographies in my life but I need to read more. Next year, I’m giving myself the goal of reading at least one and it will probably be an autobiography by one of my favourite people because duh.

Read a wider range of genres

I only really read YA and within that I only really read YA Contemporary so next year, I want to broaden my horizons and read other genres. Whether this is in YA or outside of YA, I want to read a wider range which hopefully means at least 10 different genres.

Read three books before buying one

I am a compulsive book buyer, like most bloggers. But for next year, I am pledging to read at least three books before I buy one. Hopefully this will help me reduce my TBR because it is getting slightly out of hand. I originally put 5 books but I know that I would break that straight away.

So those are my 5 2016 reading resolutions. Do you have any? Let me know down in the comments.

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