The Pressure to Read

Today I’m here to talk about a topic that has been on my mind a lot recently and that is the pressure to read. Some of you may be sitting there thinking ‘You can’t be pressured to read, it’s a hobby!’ but you guys are so wrong. I thought I’d talk to you about my own personal experiences with reading and being pressured.

Reading is my hobby. I do it to wind down at the end of a day or to escape during the day when I have a lot of work to do. However, recently it has felt like more than just a hobby.

Being a book blogger, I get sent quite a few books for review. I get quite a few books coming through my letterbox every month and it’s absolutely amazing. Free books? Early copies of some of my most anticipated releases of the year? Yes please. But this can also cause problems. I get a lot of books for review and I simply cannot read them all. I have countless books on my shelves that I was sent for review but I haven’t got around to them yet. And this bugs me greatly. I feel bad if I pick up a book that I’ve owned for ages or if I buy a new book because I have all these other books that I need to read. And then, I don’t let myself read anything other than those review books and this is when I enter a reading slump. This pressure to read certain books annoys me to no end but I can’t escape from it.

As book bloggers, we are obsessed with numbers. Everyone reads so many books a year and this can also make me feel a pressure to read. If I go a week without reading, I feel like I’m letting all of you guys down. Over the summer, I was completely free for 10 weeks yet did I read a lot? Nope. I wanted to escape this pressure to read and I watched films instead. I shouldn’t be doing this. Putting off reading? That’s not what I want to do!

So this is why, I’m attempting to remove this pressure. I don’t want to feel forced to only read review copies and I don’t want to think about numbers. I just want to read whatever I want to read, whenever I want to read. Removing the pressure is the only way forward.

Anyone ever felt the same?

5 thoughts on “The Pressure to Read

  1. This is ridiculously true! I’ve been blogging for nearly a year now and I’ve noticed how it can be such a pressure to read and consume a certain amount of books in a month. At times I felt like my love for books was fading and that I was more focused on reading as many as I could or as fast as I could!
    The pressure is horrible and I am also trying to take it off myself, and slowly it’s going away. But it’s true and I feel it! Good luck! πŸ’“

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  2. I agree with you so much, Sofia! Sometimes, no matter how much I want to read, I just can’t, because of how stressed I feel about needing to read everything by a specific date. I’m trying to calm down with the stress, and hope you succeed with relaxing too πŸ™‚ You put this perfectly, and I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who has felt like this!

    Sophie @ Sophie Reads YA

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