TBR Jar Challenges 2016

If you’ve been reading my wrap up posts recently then you would know that I started using my TBR jar more. I pick out one book a month and I have to read it by the end of the month. It has been semi successful as I know that if by the end of the month, I still don’t feel like reading it then I might need to get rid of it as I have no interest in it. In 2016, I hope to carry this on but I also hope to implement the new TBR jar that I’ve made. This TBR Jar is inspired by Kat from Katytastic(on YouTube). For 2015, she created a jar in which she had 12 challenges. She picked out one every month and had to complete it by the end of the month. I loved this idea because it still left it open in some way as you still had choice about which book you wanted to read but you can also read more books that you might not read normally. So read on to see my 12 challenges.


Read a Sophie Kinsella book

I own a LOT of Sophie Kinsella books! I have loved her books that I have actually read and her books are ALWAYS in charity shops. Whenever I see one that I haven’t read yet, I buy it not just for me but also for my mum as she now loves her books! However, I haven’t read most of her books that I’ve got and I need to read them so that’s why it is in the jar.


Read a UKYA book

This is an easy one! In 2015, I learned the beauty of UKYA. I fell deeply in love with it and I now own quite a few UKYA books. I will probably read a lot of UKYA in 2016 too but I thought I’d throw it in there just to make it easier for myself.


Read a book that’s not a novel(e.g. non-fiction, graphic novel, comics, short stories, poems)

This one may be a little bit more difficult! I generally stick to YA novels and never really venture out but I’m determined to do it, not just for school. I need to learn the beauty of other genres and get into different things and I intend on doing that.


Read and watch a book to movie adaptation

I have read and seen quite a few book to movie adaptations but there are also that I haven’t read so I need to hop on it and get into these adaptations. They may be great and I may become obsessed, who knows?



Read a review book

I’m really bad at reading books that I get sent for review, REALLY BAD. I’m trying to get better at it so I have stopped requesting as many books for review but I still have loads that I haven’t read yet so I need to get onto them asap.


Read a hyped book

I put off reading hyped books because I’m always incredibly wary of the hype. I’m usually the last person to jump onto the band wagon because I don’t want to be disappointed by the book but I need to finally get to some of these hyped books that I own but have never read.


Read a classic/play

I have a phobia of classics. I never go near them unless I have to read them for school but this really needs to change(I added the play bit of it to make it easier for me and also because I own a bind up of Oscar Wilde’s plays.)


Start a new series

I own so many first books in a series that I’ve never even read. In some cases, I own a whole series when I haven’t even started the first one. This will be an easy one because I own so many so therefore I have a lot of choice.


Read a book by an author you’ve never read

Recently, I’ve been sticking to authors I love because I know that I will like these books but I need to stop being scared of new authors and venture out of my usual comfort zone.


Read a book you DNF’d

I DNF so many books. I’m so bad. If I’m not feeling a book after around 50 pages, I will put it down and not carry it on. Thus, about half of my TBR consists of books that I’ve started but never finished.


Read someone else’s favourite book

I push books on people all the time and people are always trying to get me to read their favourites but for some reason I never do. I put them off for so long and then just never get around to them but I need to read them!


Read a debut book

Some of my favourite books are debut books so I need to start giving more debuts a chance to impress me, instead of just sticking to the authors that I know.


So those are my 2016 TBR challenges. Anyone else plan on doing a similar thing for 2016? Let me know down below!






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