Ten Books I Have Marked as DNF

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week the topic was about bookish habits we have quit/ want to quite and one of the suggested similar topics was books’ that we have DNF’d. If you don’t know what DNF stands for, it means Did Not Finish so in other words, any books that you have put down. Now just because a book is on this list, that does not mean that I won’t finish it ever but I’ve just put it down for now but some of them, I don’t intend on picking up again.

A Thousand NightsThe first book on this list is A Thousand Nights by EK Johnston. I got this book in May and I have tried to read it a few times but I just couldn’t get into it. It was boring me a lot and I gave it 100 pages before I actually gave up. I now don’t own this book anymore as I gave it away to a friend and I have no intention to ever read it again, which is an utter shame because the finished copies look so nice.

The next book is Chopstix by AT Raydan which I got sent for review from Maximum Pop. If you Chopstixdon’t review a book that they’ve sent you, they won’t send you anymore so therefore I am not receiving any more books from them because I gave this book 50 pages but I hated it. I found it incredibly racist and also I found the writing to be incredibly childish and weird. This is another book that I’ve given away already. Also, I never even requested this book for review.

Raven BoysThe next book on this list is one that I do intend to finish reading and that is The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I own all three books that are currently out in this series yet I’ve never got past 60 pages of the first book. I’m determined to do it though. Everyone says that after the first 100 pages, it becomes a lot better and the series just improves. This series is a fan favourite and everyone on Twitter and in the book world has read it so I need to get to it.

Next I have, Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?(and Other Concerns) by Mindy MindyKaling. I love The Mindy Project so of course, I absolutely adore Mindy Kaling. However, for some reason when I was reading this book, I put it down for no reason in particular and I just never picked it back up. I do intend on picking it up again though.

red queenNext I have a book that I’m debating giving up on for good and that is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. When this book came out, I gave in to the hype and I started reading it straight away but I put it down after 50 pages because it was boring me. Now months later, I have heard a lot of very mixed things about it so I don’t know whether I want to read it anymore.

Then I have Cinder by Marissa Meyer which is another book that I have tried to read many timescinder but I’ve never been able to get into it. Everyone and their mother loves this book so I still really want to try and finish at least the first book in this series so that I can see if I like this series as well.

goneNext I have Gone by Michael Grant which is a book that I’ve owned for ages and I tried reading it when I first got it but I got freaked out so I stopped. However after meeting Michael Grant, I would really like to give it another chance but I’m still not entirely sure.

Then I have I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. I read the Sky is Everywhere back in Marchi'll give you the sun and loved it so I immediately picked up I’ll Give You The Sun but after about 100 pages, I got bored and put it back down. I really want to pick it up again however as everyone loves this book and I did still quite enjoy it.

like it never happenedNext I have a book that I won’t be continuing and that is Like it Never Happened by Emily Adrian. I attempted to read this back in one of my contemporary binge read sessions however I really did not like it. The characters annoyed me as well as the storyline so I won’t be going back into this book.

Finally I have another popular book and that is The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black.Mindy I have tried to read a few of Holly’s books before, including the Iron Trial which she wrote with Cassandra Clare who is one of my favourite authors, but I just cannot get into her books. I gave The Coldest Girl in Coldtown 100 pages but I still did not want to read on. I still have it and one day I will continue on with it but just not now.

So those are 10 of my DNF books. Any that you love? Any that you also DNF’d?

6 thoughts on “Ten Books I Have Marked as DNF

  1. I haven’t read the books on your list but I plan on buying The raven boys. And just to make sure: You were sent a book you never reqested and because you don’t want to/can’t review the unwanted book, you’ll never get one from them again? Nice…


  2. I’m another advocate for the Raven Cycle series! It definitely improves, and has quickly become one of my all-time favorite series. It does start out slow, but gets SO MUCH BETTER!

    I also marked “Cinder” as DNF, although I’ll try to re-read it again in the future.

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