A Day in the Life of Melinda Salisbury + Giveaway

Today I am here today with a post for the YAShot Blog tour. YAShot is one-day YA and MG festival taking place in Uxbridge on the 28th October of this year. YA Shot is going to be launching a year-long programme of free author visits to libraries across Hillingdon. The event will have 69 authors who will be doing many panels, talks, workshops and signings all day long. As part of the blog tour, I have teamed up with one of the authors who will be attending YAShot and that is Melinda Salisbury. Melinda Salisbury wrote The Sin Eater’s Daughter which is one of my favourite books of this year and the sequel to it comes out early next year. Today, she’s here to share with you her typical day. Stay until the end of the post as there will be a giveaway for a copy of The Sin Eater’s Daughter.

A Writing Day in the Life of Melinda Salisbury, Author and Professional Nightmare.

Every now and then, I get the gift of a whole day to spend honing my craft, and working on my writing and I thought it would be fun to let you guys in on what it’s like to be a professional author, and see some of the challenges we face.

7.00am: Wakes up. Regrets it instantly. Goes back to sleep.

8.30am: Wakes up again. Still not feeling all that great about it, to be honest but if I leave it any later I’ll have to deal with the guilt and frankly I can’t be bothered.

8.35am: Makes tea. Gets back into bed to drink it, and read. Accepts this is a dangerous thing to do, but I like to live on the edge.

9.30am: Wakes up again. Tea is cold. Life is disappointing. Gets in shower.

10.30am: Washed, dressed, and finally drinking a hot cup of tea, I check my emails. Then Twitter. Then Instagram. Then Tumblr. Then Buzzfeed. Then Facebook. Then Twitter again.

12.30pm: Regrets everything. Makes more tea.

1.00pm: Makes lunch out of whatever is available. This is usually an apple of dubious age, some cheese of dubious age, whatever weird crackers I bought last time I was in Marks and Spencer, and more tea.

1.30pm: Opens Microsoft Word.

1.31pm: Realises I haven’t been for a walk yet today. Goesfor a walk, Instagramming anything weird that I see.

2.33pm: Return home. Make more tea. Decide to read back over the last few paragraphs to get my head in the game. This results in one of two things:

  1. I spend an hour re-reading my work and congratulating myself on being a genius. I have written some funny, poignant, truthful wordage here.
  • This may spiral off into a fantasy about receiving an award for my work;
  • Or Emma Watson tweeting at me to say she loved The Sin Eater’s Daughter and she’s looking forward to the sequel, and also can we be best friends;
  • Or a Hollywood Mogul emailing me to say they NEED the film rights and can they send a jet to collect me so they can give me champagne and we can talk about how brilliant I am.
  1. I spend an hour re-reading my work and realise I cannot write for toffee. In fact, there are pre-school children currently constructing stories more nuanced, compelling and dynamic with their imaginary friends than what I’m doing.
  • This may spiral off into a waking nightmare in which my agent jumps out from behind the fridge with a camera crew, screaming “HA! YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD WRITE? WRONG, SUCKER. WE’VE BEEN RECORDING EVERYTHING YOU’VE BEEN DOING SO WE CAN MAKE AN INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO ON WHAT NOT TO DO.”;
  • Or my publishers telephoning to say the police are on their way to arrest me for crimes against writing and not to ask them for bail money, in fact can I please return their advance to them and never speak their name again;
  • Or I take a break and go to Waterstones to cheer myself up. When I get there the staff are:
    • Holding my book and laughing at it;
    • Setting it alight and laughing at it;
    • Setting it alight, throwing it in the air, shooting arrows at it, and laughing at it.

3.00pm: I make more tea and try not to cry in it.

3.05pm: Start writing. Even though it’s futile and pointless and a waste of my time.

4.30pm: Read back over what I’ve done. Get that weird, fizzing feeling when I know that what I’ve done is actually ok.

4.45pm: Kill a character to celebrate.

5.00pm: Make more tea. Cry into it and wonder if there’s any way I can bring them back to life.

5.30pm: Realise I’ve accidentally killed someone else.

5.35pm: Grin.

5.45pm: Decide to go on a bike ride to think about all the murder I’ve just done.

6.45pm: Arrive home, having accidentally cycled to the library instead of the planned hours exercise along the seafront. Ignore TBR pile’s gaze of horror at the new books.


6.50pm: Decide to do a quick Internet check…


8.20pm: Stomach rumbles. Run to supermarket to buy food before it closes. Get lucky with a box of Katsu curry has been yellow stickered! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER.

8.50pm: God, I love Katsu curry.

9.15pm: Checks phone. Moment of sadness when I see I was invited to a BBQ earlier.

9.16pm: Maybe it’s still happening… it’s the weekend. People BBQ late.

9.18pm: It’s over. Everyone got Day Drunk and went home early.

9.19pm: Back to writing…

9.20pm; Maybe there’s a late showing of Jurassic World on!

9.22pm: There isn’t.

9.23pm: Makes tea. Wonders if it’s a good idea…

9.30pm Starts writing again.I’ll do an hour, then I’ll think about bed.

1.30am: Woah. I did it! I writed! I AM AUTHOR! Look at that word count. It’s like my word count had children! And they had children! I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD.

1.33am: Wow, it’s later than I thought. It must have been that tea.

1.40am: Gets ready for bed, glowing a little with the knowledge that I am a badass writer who writes things.

1.55am: I’ll just do a little reading to send myself off to sleep nicely…



I feel like that day sums up the Mel I’ve come to know through Twitter. Now if that has convinced you to pick up her book, we have a giveaway of a UK paperback of The Sin Eater’s Daughter for you. The copy will be signed and personalised to the winner if you would like it to be and Mel has said that she may even throw in some extra goodies for you.Along with this she will be giving you her oath to not kill the winner or their family when she becomes queen. To enter, simply enter by following my Twitter account and retweeting the tweet pinned to the top of my twitter(SofiaSTRF). The competition will end on the 28th October 2015 at 11:59 pm GMT and the winner will be randomly selected after that.


Thanks for reading this post and I really hope to see some of you guys are YAShot later this month.

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