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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Today, I’m changing it up a bit. In the past with Top Ten Tuesday, there have been topics that I don’t really want to do mainly because I don’t have much to say about them. For example today’s topics is our top ten auto-buy authors and my list would have been very similar to my list of authors that I’ve read the most books from that I made last week. Thus, I’ve made a decision. When a topic pops up that I don’t want to do, I will come up with my own topic about something non-bookish to share my non-bookish interests. So I thought I’d start by sharing my top ten favourite TV shows. I love to watch TV and there are many TV shows that I watch. This list is a mixture of currently airing TV shows and finished TV shows. This is going in descending order with my ultimate favourite show at the bottom. If you want to know more about each show click on the title to go to their imdb page.

HIMYM high fiveMy 10th favourite TV show is How I Met Your Mother. I have loved this show for a number of years and I have watched every episode numerous times. This show never fails to make me laugh, well until the finale. I hated the finale of this show along with most of the fandom. If that finale never happened, this show definitely would have been higher on the list. I love the humour of this show and in the UK, this show is always on so I watch it quite a lot.

My next show is New Girl.Similarly with How I Met Your Mother, I loved this show a lot at one point and it would new girl weirdoshave been a lot higher in this list a year ago but my love has died down a little bit. I still quite enjoy this show especially because I love all of the characters. I just could not choose a favourite character in this show because they are all so god damn amazing. The story of the show definitely has its ups and downs but I will still keep on watching it, just because of the characters.

mindy projectMy 8th favourite TV show is The Mindy Project. I only started watching this last year but I fell in love with it. I have never seen Mindy Kaling in anything except for the Mindy Project but I love her none the less. Show Mindy is my spirit animal. I love everything about her. I also love Mindy and Danny as a couple. The Mindy Project didn’t fall into the same trap that New Girl did because when Mindy and Danny got together, it got funnier whereas when Nick and Jess got together, it got a lot less funny. I was so sad when they cancelled The Mindy Project but thank god for Hulu.

My next favourite show is Nikita. Last year, I bingewatched all 4 seasons of this show in like 2 weeks and fell nikita and michaelcompletely in love with it. I’m not the biggest fan of action TV shows mainly because I don’t watch them often but this show had me captivated from the start. Nikita is such a bad ass heroine and all the other side characters were also amazing.

big bang theory I weep for humanityNext I have The Big Bang Theory. You will probably have gathered by now that I’m a big fan of sit coms and comedies. The Big Bang Theory is just completely and utterly hilarious. It started out as a show I just watched to make me laugh but then I got invested in the characters and I watched every episode to find out what would happen to them next. The finale of the latest season broke me and I just need the next season now so that I can know what happens next.

My 5th favourite show is Arrow. I admittedly only started watching this show when Grant Gustin was cast in it to olicityappear for two episodes but I quickly fell in love with it. The show definitely has its ups and downs and the middle of the season slightly drags however the ups of the shows definitely make up for this, in particular the finales. I love Oliver as a male lead as he is a morally ambiguous character and I find that enjoyable to watch. However, my favourite character is definitely Felicity. I love everything about Felicity. She’s amazing. I also can’t wait for the next season of this show.

chuck-blairMy next show is a show that I never thought I would like and that is Gossip Girl. If you know me, you would never think that I would like Gossip Girl. It is a show that is so completely different to anything I have ever watched but that’s what made me love it so much. I loved the drama that the show had and it made me want to keep on watching for so long. I bingewatched all 6 seasons in just over a month because I could not stop watching it. Chuck Bass is my bae.

Next I have a show that made me emotionally unstable which is Merlin. Anyone who was friends with me on merlinFacebook during the final season of Merlin can tell you how obsessed I was with Merlin. Every week me and my friends would chat about the latest episode on our Facebook walls and irritate the hell out of any of our ‘friends’. Merlin was a perfect show. It started off as a fun and light hearted show but slowly over time, it became a depressing show without you even realising. I miss Merlin. Damn the BBC for that last season.

barry flash yes fist pumpMy second favourite TV show is one that you probably all predicted and that is The Flash. I am an extreme Flash fangirl. I only started watching the show because of Grant Gustin but damn, it’s such an amazing show. Everything about this show is fabulous. It is equal parts hilarious and dramatic. If you haven’t watched the Flash, what are you doing with your life? Get off of your backside and go watch it.

My top favourite TV show will never change probably ever because I have such an immense love forfriends-gif Friends. I can’t even begin to describe my love this show. At least once a year, I re watch all 10 seasons of it just because it is that perfect. It is my comfort blanket. Whenever I’m sad, angry, bored or stressed, I put on Friends and I immediately feel better. If you want to know more about why I love this show so much, click here to read my post all about it.

So those are my top 10 favourite TV shows. Which ones do you agree with? What is your favourite TV show?



3 thoughts on “Top Ten TV Shows

  1. Ah! I love your adaptation of this week’s topic. Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl and Merlin are literally my favourite shows of all time!! I adore Merlin so much, I can’t even describe. Is there more seasons after the last episode that ended with Morgana and the albino dragon? Cause I need more!!!
    I’m currently watching Gossip Girl and I’m obsessed. CHUCK IS BAE!!! And Blair and Chuck are the ultimate OTP. Forever.
    And Big Bang Theory is simply fabulous. I have a mini crush on Leonard. 😄 xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I love Merlin! There were 5 seasons in total so I think there was one more season after the one that you are talking about.
      Gossip Girl is perfect as is Chuck. Their relationship is the best!

      Liked by 1 person

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