Beyond the Kingdoms by Chris Colfer

beyond the kingdomsGenre: Childrens’ Fantasy
Pages: 422
Publisher: Little Brown Books
Format: Kindle
Source: Bought
Rating: 5 stars
Buy the Book: Waterstones, Amazon, The Book Depository


Fairy tales are just the beginning.

The Masked Man is on the loose in the Land of Stories, and it’s up to Alex and Conner Bailey to stop him…except Alex has been thrown off the Fairy Council, and no one will believe they’re in danger.

With only the help of the ragtag group of Goldilocks, Jack, Red Riding Hood, and Mother Goose and her gander, Lester, the Bailey twins discover the Masked Man’s secret scheme: He possesses a powerful magic potion that turns every book it touches into a portal, and he is recruiting an army of literature’s greatest villains!

So begins a race through the magical Land of Oz, the fantastical world of Neverland, the madness of Wonderland, and beyond. Can Alex and Conner catch up to the Masked Man, or will they be one step behind until it’s too late?

Fairy tales and classic stories collide in the fourth adventure in the bestselling Land of Stories series as the twins travel beyond the kingdoms!


I picked up this series when the first book came out because I loved Chris Colfer as an actor, singer and person so I thought I’d see what he was like as an author. I wasn’t expecting much because how could someone be so great at everything? I was completely blown away by the first book and from then on, the books just got better and better. After a Grimm Warning, I didn’t think he could possibly write a better book but I was so wrong. This fourth installment in the series completely blew the rest of them out of the park.

In this installment, Colfer ventures out from fairy tales to other Children’s classics such as Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. As someone who hasn’t read most of the well known classics, I was worried about how much I would enjoy this as I wasn’t incredibly familiar with the stories, however this wasn’t an issue. The worlds are explained as well as the stories and while this may have spoiled how much I will enjoy the actual books if I do read them, I don’t care because I just fell in love with the stories and characters in this book. I loved seeing Connor, Alex, Red and the rest of the gang venture into these worlds that they don’t know. It was especially great to see Connor and Alex get so excited and fangirly about where they ended up going. I especially loved the part where they go to the world of King Arthur because I am a massive fan of the British TV series, Merlin. I felt like a little bit of a fangirl seeing King Arthur, Merlin and then seeing characters such as Peter Pan and Robin Hood so I could relate to Connor and Alex. It was obvious that Chris Colfer had put his own love of these books into this one.

One of the main reasons that I love this series is because of Alex and Connor. In this book they are around the age of 14-15 yet they were so incredibly mature due to the situations they have been thrown into. I feel like this series is another Percy Jackson or Harry Potter for me as I can follow the characters as they grow up and mature. Another thing that I love about Alex and Connor is the fact that family is important to them. They care about each other so much and that isn’t something you see much in books these days.

I love the fact that Chris Colfer put these little parts of wisdom throughout the book and you felt like you were learning valuable life lessons along with Alex and Connor. Another thing that Chris Colfer does perfectly is cliffhangers. The cliffhanger at the end of A Grimm Warning broke me and this cliffhanger made me so excited for the next book even though it’s probably going to be over a year until the next one.

In conclusion, Chris Colfer is just darn fabulous. He acts, sings, dances, writes and he can do every other talent under the sun. This series is not one to miss as you will fall in love with Alex and Connor and you will find yourself enthralled by their journeys.

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