July Wrap Up

So July has come and gone somehow and I have done basically nothing this month. I literally sat and listened to music for days on end and didn’t read that much. I did end up watching a crap ton of Bollywood movies which you will see below and I did a few things but it wasn’t as productive as I hoped it would be.

Books I Read:

Next TogetherThe first book I finished this month was The Next Together by Lauren JamesThis book comes out in September and it is one of my most anticipated releases for the rest of this year. As soon as I got my hands on it, I started reading it and I devoured it. I completely fell in love with this book. It was everything I could possibly want in a book and that made me incredibly happy. I wrote a whole review for this book, so click here to go read that.

The next book I finished this month was Jesse’s Girl by Miranda Kenneally. This is the sixth bookJesse's Girl in her contemporary romance series and it is probably my least favourite. It was still an okay book but it didn’t really live up to what I was expecting especially after the last book in this series, Breathe Annie Breathe was absolutely amazing. I am still going to read the next books in this series because they are fun and enjoyable. I would recommend this series however some of them are good and some of them aren’t that great.

hello I love youThe third book I finished this month was Hello, I Love You by Katie M Stout. After reading Jesse’s Girl, I felt like reading another cute and adorable romance and I had heard a lot about this one. This book was incredibly cute. It is about a girl who runs off to a boarding school in South Korea and falls in love with a KPOP star. Unlike most people nowadays, I have no idea about anything related to Korea or KPOP so it was incredibly refreshing and enlightening to read something set in Korea. The romance was cute and adorable as they hated each other at first and I love it when that happens. I ended up giving this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Next I read the 6th novella in the Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy series by Cassandra Clare which was Pale Kings and Princes. This is one of pale kings and princesmy favourites in this series so far. After a disappointing 5th installment, I was so happy with this one. Mainly because I found both the current time story and the past story very intriguing. The present time story in particular was incredibly adorable. I gave this installment 5 out of 5 stars.

everything,everythingThe next book I read this month was Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. I had heard a lot about this book so therefore I requested it for review. The day I got approved on my kindle for it, I started reading it and I finished it in one sitting. I really enjoyed this book. It didn’t live up to my expectations but they were a bit too high anyway. I loved this book for the most part and I only really had one major issue with it. I gave the book 4 out of 5 stars overall and my full review will be up towards the end of August.

unbecoming coverNext I finished reading Unbecoming by Jenny Downham. I got sent a proof copy of this book back in June and I finally picked it up this month and really enjoyed it. I had never read anything like this before so it was like a breath of fresh air. I really enjoyed seeing the stories intertwine and learning more about everyone as the book went along, especially Mary. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars and click here if you want to go read my full review.

Posts I Posted:

I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve managed to keep up a normal posting amount in July despite not reading much. The posts I posted were:

Books I Got:


I got a few books for review this month. I got sent a copy of Meet at the Ark at Eight by Ulrich Hub from EDPR so big thanks to them. Chicken House were then kind enough to send me a copy of Crow Mountain by Lucy Inglis and a copy of Darkmere by Helen Maslin. I have been incredibly excited to read both of these books so I’m very happy to have been sent them. Rock The Boat also sent me a proof copy of Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff which has been getting a lot of hype recently so I can’t wait to dive in. And finally for review, I got sent the set of Colour Me Mindful adult colouring books from Orion Books which I have already reviewed and you can find the link to that post above.


I actually also bought some books this month. I went to The Works and found a copy of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness for £1 so therefore I immediately picked it up. I have always wanted to read Patrick Ness’ works and now I own one of his books so I can actually pick it up and read it now. I then went on a trip to London so obviously I had to go into Foyles. I ended up buying two books from there. I finally picked up a copy of Armada by Ernest Cline. I have been so excited for this book ever since I read Ready Player One in March of last year so I’m very happy to finally own a hardback copy of it so that I can dive straight into it. I then also picked up a copy of Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne. I have yet to read a Holly Bourne book but everyone has been talking about this one recently so I just had to pick it up so that I could see what all the fuss was about. Finally, my sister bought The Flash, Volume 1 of the new 52 for my brother but he already had it so she passed it on to me so I also now own that comic.

Watching/Listening To:

chaiyya chaiyyaThe first film I watched was Dil Se(With All My Heart) which is about a guy who falls in love with a terrorist. I did not like this film. There was so much wrong with it. The characters were ridiculous as was the plot line. The songs sucked and everything was just wrong. It really hurts me to say all of this about a Shah Rukh Khan film but it’s true. The only good parts were the Preity Zinta parts and the song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’. Other than that, I do not recommend this film. There are so many better Bollywood films out there.

baazigar danceThe next film that I watched was Baazigar(Gambler) which was the first film that Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol did together and I really liked it. The film was made in 1993 so it does have a lot of the annoying traits that the older Bollywood movies had for example, it was incredibly over dramatic however I still really enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best film I had ever watched and it was definitely out of my comfort zone since it is a crime thriller film about a guy getting revenge on someone for stealing all of his family’s wealth but it was enjoyable. I now only have one SRKajol movie left to watch which is quite sad.

food humpty sharma ki dulhaniaThe next film that I watched was Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania(Humpty Sharma’s Bride) which is a tribute to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge but with a modern twist. I really enjoyed this film. It wasn’t amazing but it was hilarious and it kept me laughing throughout. It is also one of the few recent Bollywood movies that I’ve seen that actually represents modern society which is great. The acting was good but the songs weren’t that great. However I still really liked it.

I then watched Ishkq in Paris which is about two people who meet and spend one night in Paris and then go their ishkq in parisseparate ways but they have fallen in love with each other. This was a very short film that I enjoyed. It wasn’t great but the story was good and I liked the characters. It was very similar to Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu which I watched in May but it was still good none the less. My main issue with modern movies such as this is that the songs are usually terrible! The acting was good though as it had Preity Zinta in it who I really love as an actress.

love is friendshipI then had a movie night with my friend and re-watched four movies. The first one was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai(Something Happens) which I won’t talk about again in much detail because I mentioned in my Bollywood movies post and my Bollywood recommendations page. I absolutely adore this movie. It was Karan Johar’s first movie and it stars my two favourite actors, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

maze runner runningThe next one I re-watched was The Maze Runner film. I watched this back in October when it came out in the UK and I absolutely loved it. I loved it all over again when I watched it back. I’m not the biggest fan of the book series but in my opinion the movie was better than the book! The acting is spot on and the changes that Wes Ball made, made it even better.( I re-watched this film again this month with my mum’s friend)

riot club boysI then re-watched The Riot Club which is another film that I watched in cinema when it first came out. I loved this movie the first time I watched it. I didn’t love it as much the second time but it was still amazing. It’s different to other films that I’ve ever watched because it’s very dramatic  however, I really liked it. Mainly because the main characters are all hot British guys including Sam Claflin and Max Irons.

The last film I re-watched that day with my friend was Kal Ho Naa Ho(Tomorrow May or May Not Come) which Ishah rukh khan kiss  also mentioned in my Bollywood post and page. I love this film because similarly to KKKG, it is the perfect mix of humour and drama. It will make you cry with laughter and also sadness. The acting is superb as are the songs. I really love this film.

hasee toh phaseeThe next film that I watched was Hasee Toh Phasee(She Smiles, She’s Snared) which is a film about a guy who is engaged to marry this girl but they fight and argue constantly because she thinks he is a complete waste of space. He has a week to prove that he is the right person for her and during this week he meets her sister and begins to fall in love with her sister. It was okay. The acting was good and the film was enjoyable. It definitely wasn’t amazing and I probably wouldn’t watch it again but I still enjoyed it.

I then watched an English movie and that was Ant-Man. Most Marvel fans didn’t really want to watch this film ant manbecause they thought it would be ridiculous but I always wanted to watch it. I went during opening weekend on Eid with my family and I absolutely loved it. It’s definitely not your stereotypical Marvel movie since it focuses a lot more on adjusting to becoming a superhero than fighting a bad guy but I loved it. It was definitely an incredibly comedic film and I just could not stop laughing throughout. This is definitely one of my favourite Marvel movies and if you haven’t watched it, I suggest you go to watch it now.

bajrangi bhaijaanThe day after I watched Ant-Man in cinema, I went to the cinema again. This time, I watched a Bollywood movie. Suprisingly, despite my love for Bollywood movies, this was the first Bollywood movie that I had ever watched in cinema. The film that I went to watch was Bajrangi Bhaijaan(Brother Bajrangi). I had no intention to watch this film at first but then when it came out, everyone said that it was amazing and one of the best Bollywood films ever. I was still a bit wary because the main character is played by Salman Khan, an actor that I don’t really like. However, I loved this film. It was so sweet and adorable. The film follows a mute Pakistani girl who is lost in India and can’t find her way back to Pakistan and then a guy decides to help her get across the border. It made me cry and laugh. This is definitely Salman Khan’s best film to date. I’m too lazy to add this film to my recommends list but I do recommend it.

dostana desi girlI then watched another Bollywood movie at home with my friend and that was Dostana(Friendship). This film follows two guys who want to move into an apartment but as a girl lives there alone, they have to pretend that they are gay to move in. And then of course, they both end up falling for her.I had been wanting to watch this film for a while since everyone says that it is a great film so I was really happy to finally watch it. I really enjoyed it! It is another film that is just really fun and enjoyable with nothing else much to it. It is a fun movie that will make you laugh a lot and it will also teach you about friendship. The songs are okay and I will probably watch it again, if I want to laugh. I also do recommend it but as of this moment I am too lazy to add it to my recommends list.

Chalte ChalteI then watched Chalte Chalte(Walking Side By Side(Or something to that effect)) which was okay. It is about two people who are from different social classes falling in love and then experiencing marital issues.The poster for this film made it look like a really cute and adorable romance and for the first half of the film it was but then it became more serious which I didn’t expect. It was a good story about real life relationships and the acting was great. The songs were also really good.

inside out jumpI then went to the cinema again(Third time in one week!) and this time I watched the new Disney Pixar film, Inside Out. I was incredibly excited for this film as it has been out in America for a while and a lot of people had been saying that it was an amazing movie and I actually ended up liking it. It didn’t live up to my expectations but they were too high anyway but it was still a  good film. It was enjoyable, funny whilst also being very sad. Some of the jokes are catered more for older people so some kids won’t like it that much but it is still a very good film.

SRK I hate peopleI then watched the last Karan Johar directed film that I had left to watch and that was Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna(Never Say Goodbye). I watched this film when I was younger but I didn’t like it and I also didn’t really remember it so I decided to watch it again. I had a feeling that I wouldn’t like this one as much as it is about adultery and I was right. While I still appreciated the story and I think it was executed well in terms of direction, I just could not like the characters. Cheating is such a touchy topic anyway and I hate reading books based on it and watching films based on it but this is probably one of the best films that I’ve seen in terms of how it dealt with cheating. The acting was great as always and the songs were okay. Now that I’ve seen all of Karan Johar’s directed films I can now order them. From my least favourite to my favourite the order is; his short film in Bombay Talkies, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Student of the Year, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, My Name is Khan and then obviously Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham at the top.

Events I Attended:

Sadly none! There haven’t been many on that I wanted to go to/could go to.

Popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge:

Yep, none again.

Favourites of the Month:

Favourite Book:

The Next Together by Lauren James because that book is perfection.

Favourite TV show:

I haven’t been watching many TV shows this month since most of them have finished now for the summer.

Favourite Song:

Currently it is Suno Na Suno Na from the movie Chalte Chalte which I talked about above.

Favourite Movie:

Not including the films that I re-watched, it was probably Bajrangi Bhaijaan because that movie was just fabulous.

Favourite GIF:
Shall we just rename this category to Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham?
Shall we just rename this category to Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham?
Favourite Thing That Happened:

Eid was definitely a highlight because it was just an amazing great day as it always is. However my favourite thing was my three day trip in London with my sister and cousin at the end of the month. We had a great time being tourists and watching Elephant Man with Bradley Cooper.

That’s my terrible July in which I hardly read. I’m planning on reading a lot more in August,don’t worry!

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  1. Wonderful wrap up! I’m jealous that you got Illuminae, Armada and A Monster Calls. I loved A Monster Calls so much, it was amazing! I hope you love it as much as I did and I hope it touches your heart. xoxo

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