Adult Colouring Books

Have you heard of this new hype? If you’ve been on Twitter then you probably will have seen these things floating around. The Guardian even did an article about them. I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t sure what it would be like however I needed something to relax me and help me to destress so I accepted some of these colouring books for review. Today, I am going to be telling you all about the books I got sent and what I thought of them.


Michael O’Mara Books were kind enough to send me two colouring books to review for which I was incredibly grateful.

IMG_0452The first book that I’m going to be talking about is The Classic Comic Colouring Book. I have been a fan of comics for a while now and I read them on and off therefore when I saw this book on their website, I immediately asked for this one to review.This colouring book is quite different because most adult colouring books have unique and intricate designs whereas this one has quite simplistic designs but it is still a lot of fun. I loved trying to figure out which parts should all be the same colour and also making up colour combinations for the heroes. I am not the best at colouring but I find it fun to do therefore I loved this one because it wasn’t incredibly frustrating when I went out of line. I also like to colour in pencil and not pen but I still quite like the outcome of the colourings. This book is easy to complete and it is probably the book that I have done the most from so far. It is fun and interesting therefore I love this one.


The next book I’m going to talk about is the Typography Colouring Book. You probably don’t know this but I love IMG_0455typography. I find it so interesting therefore when I saw this one, I was intrigued to see what it would be like. What I love about this book is that it had a mixture of intricate designs and more simplistic basic designs so whatever the mood, I could just have this book by me and flick to a colouring that took my fancy. I also loved the fact that it included different languages. Basically every page in this book is incredibly beautiful. So much so that after I coloured in the first page, my mum took the book off me and said that it’s hers now! This book is more suitable for everyone than the comic book and I love it.


IMG_0459Orion then kindly sent me the three books in the Colour Me Mindful set. This set consists of Tropical, Birds and Underwater. All books in this set are smaller than the normal colouring books therefore they are easier to do. They are easier to carry around with you on the go and the designs are smaller so you can complete them quicker. However, this doesn’t mean the drawings aren’t beautiful. I think the drawings in these books are my favourites simply because I adore the animalistic aspect of it.


I strongly recommend all of these 5 colouring books as they are all really relaxing and different. If you’re a bit wary about starting colouring, don’t be! It’s such a relaxing and therapeutic thing to do that really helps you to destress. It helped me pass the time during fasting when I was starving. It helped me to stop thinking about food for a few hours and it really helped! I strongly recommend you try it out. Thanks to Michael O’Mara Books and Orion Books for sending me these books to review.

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