Remix by Non Pratt

remixGenre: YA Contemporary
Pages: 304
Publisher: Walker
Format: Paperback
Source: Maximum Pop
Rating: 4 stars
Buy the book: Waterstones, Amazon, The Book Depository

From the author of Trouble comes a new novel about boys, bands and best mates.

Kaz is still reeling from being dumped by the love of her life… Ruby is bored of hearing about it. Time to change the record.

Three days. Two best mates. One music festival. Zero chance of everything working out.


I loved this book. Having read Trouble by Non Pratt in February(?) and having absolutely loved it, I was incredibly excited to read Remix. Then when the early copes went out and they came back with mainly positive reviews, my excitement grew. I’m so happy about the fact that I was not let down.

What I love about this book is that it is mainly about friendship compared to being about relationships and love. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of relationship drama but the fact that it was primarily about a friendship made me so happy. Kaz and Ruby had an amazing relationship and they were there for each other. This is the sort of friendship I want. Both characters themselves were interesting to read about and I loved reading from both of their perspectives. At the start, I was leaning more towards Kaz but then as the book progressed, I loved them both a lot.

The music festival setting was great. Having never been to a music festival or ever wanted to go to one, I was interested to see what it would be like reading about a weekend music festival. It was amazing and I now want to go to a music festival. Not just any music festival, I want to go to Remix. How I wish the bands were real because I want to hear their songs.

Non Pratt has this amazing writing style that I just love. I read Trouble in a day and I basically read Remix in a day as well. Her writing is so addictive and she puts little cliffhangers at the end of each chapter so you just need to keep reading. It’s also beautiful and if I had remembered where I put my tab things, this book would have so many tabs in it. There were so many amazing quotes in it that I loved especially the ones about friendship.

Friendship isn’t something that’s supposed to be perfect because people aren’t perfect. People will lie, they will cheat and they will let you down. Friendship is what picks you up. You can’t pick someone up if they never fall down. I don’t care how many times we fall – one of us will be there to hold the other up.

Obviously, I really loved this book and I strongly recommend it because it is just so absolutely mindblowingly amazing. If you have yet to read a book written by Non Pratt, what are you doing with your life? Go read one now.

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