Incomplete Series: Part 2

Yesterday I made part one of my incomplete series post so click here to go read that post. This is part 2 and it is also in no particular order.

The Hundred Oaks Series by Miranda Kenneally:

I think the last book in this series is coming out this year. I have read all of the books that are currently out in this series because they are just a lot of fun. It’s a series of romantic companion novels all set around a certain school. Each book is better than the previous one so I can’t wait for the sixth one this year.

The Land of Stories Series by Chris Colfer:

I love this series. It’s a middle grade series about two twins who are thrust into a book where all the fairytales exist. The first three books in this series are out and I’m dying for the next one. The third one ended on such a huge cliffhanger so Chris Colfer please hurry up and release the fourth book.

Just One Day Duology by Gayle Forman:

I’m never going to finish this duology. I love Gayle Forman but I just did not like Just One Day. I read the novella Just One Night to find out what happens after but I don’t see myself ever reading Just One Year. I really did not enjoy Just One Day as I found it boring.

My Life Next Door Companion Novel Series by Huntley Fitzpatrick:

I enjoyed My Life Next Door and I am interested to read the companion novel. I’m not sure if it’s going to be just the two of them but My Life Next Door is a good contemporary novel that focuses a lot on family.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Series by Jenny Han:

I loved To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and I cannot wait for the sequel! This book was amazing and full of family, romance and awkwardness. It is honestly a great book and I have high hopes for the sequel.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella:

I have read the first book in this series and I did enjoy it but as I watched the movie first and it was quite different, I didn’t carry on straight away. However, I do plan to finish this series as I want to know what happens next with Becky Bloomwood.

Shopaholic series

Penryn and the End of Days Trilogy by Susan Ee:

I have read both books that are currently out in this trilogy and I’m not too sure how I felt about it. I loved Angelfall but I really didn’t like World After. I’m probably most definitely going to pick up End of Days when it comes out in May but I’m not sure if I’ll like it.


Every Day Duology by David Levithan:

I read Every Day in 2013 and I quite liked it. However I don’t think I will pick up the sequel unless I hear really good things about it because I didn’t love Every Day enough to want to read another book about the same characters.

The Fifth Wave Trilogy by Rick Yancey:

Like most fans of this trilogy, I loved The Fifth Wave but I was not impressed at all with The Infinite Sea. It didn’t bring anything new to the trilogy but I shall definitely be picking up the final book just to see how everything wraps up.

The Fifth Wave series

Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer:

I read Twilight and I hated it so I’m never finishing this series. Ever.

So those are most of my incomplete series. I think there may be some that I’ve forgotten but these are most of them. Which of your incomplete series can you not wait to complete? Which one do you think you’ll never complete?

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