Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

This week was our top ten book related problems that we have and let me just tell you, I have so many. Reading books and reviewing them is great but sometimes it can cause me to have many book related problems so below are just 10 of them.

1. I’m obsessed with owning books

I’m always buying new books even though I have so many books that I own that I haven’t read.

2. Not reading the books I get for review

Back when I first made my blog, I requested so many e-books for review but I haven’t read most of them which is shameful!

3. Making book related references and nobody understands them

This is constantly happening to me and people think I’m a weirdo!

4. Procrastinating from reading by doing other book related things

Recently I’ve been procrastinating by re-organising my bookshelf and making many blog posts!

5. Not owning enough book related merch

I want all the bookish t shirts in the world!

6. Reading whatever I want, whenever I want

Whenever I try to schedule or plan my reading, it always fails because I just read what I feel like reading no matter what.

7. People constantly telling me that I live a sad life

People think that because I read, I must have a sad and boring life but they are very wrong. I bet my life is more exciting than theirs.

8. Getting told off for reading/banned from reading

My mum is very fed up with how much I read and she has tried to ban me from reading before but I will never stop.

9. Cancelling social plans because I want to read instead

This happens more often than I care to admit….

10. Being ridiculously tired all the time

I stay up most nights reading and therefore every morning I am so ridiculously tired.

That’s ten of my book related problems. What are some of yours? Let me know down in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

  1. I totally agree with all of these! It’s sad when no one understands when I make book references, and I’m totally the type to cancel social events for reading!


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