E-Books vs Physical Books

Today, I’ve decided to finally make the post that I’ve been meaning to make ever since I first started blogging and that is the debate about e-books and physical books and which ones are better. Since I own a kindle and I read physical books as well as reading e-books, I feel like I can make a whole post about it without being biased.

So many people refuse to read e-books and read on a kindle because they think it’s shameful to not read a physical book. I can’t tell you how many times I have been judged or told off for reading on my kindle. I was actually told that I wasn’t a “real fan” because  I didn’t own a physical copy of the book. But everyone who has judged me or told me things like that have one thing in common; they don’t own a Kindle, Nook or any other e-reader. They don’t know what it’s like. I feel like people who have never read on an e-reader can’t really make a decision about this because they haven’t experienced both of them equally. Reading on your phone as well does not count since it is different if you read on an actual e-reader. When kindles were first announced, I must admit I was a bit skeptical but I got a Kindle Fire for my birthday two years ago and I have been in love with it ever since.

Reading on an e-reader is very convenient for many reasons:

  • I can read any book on there without having to worry about people judging me.
  • E-books also cost a lot less so it’s more economically sustainable overall to buy one.
  • I can take my kindle with me everywhere because it is small and it will fit in my bag and I won’t have to worry about the size of it.
  • I can read big books on my kindle without it killing my arms.
  • I can read at night in the dark if I want to.
  • When a new release comes out, I can get it at midnight delivered to my kindle so I won’t have to wait to go get a copy.
  • I find it a lot easier to read on my kindle and I read quicker on it.
  • I can read e-books on my phone if I don’t have my kindle on me.
  • I can get e-books of books that aren’t readily available in the UK
  • I can adjust the font, colour etc to my own liking
  • My kindle tells me my reading speed and how long it thinks I will take to finish the book which is great

You may not like e-books because of the light hurting your eyes. Also you have to pay attention to your kindle constantly as it is more expensive than a book.

However I like physical books because:

  • There is something special about owning a physical copy of a book and seeing it looking so pretty on my bookshelf.
  • I also love supporting my local Waterstones and buying books from them
  • I can’t go book shopping and have amazing book post come when I have e-books
  • I can get a physical book signed personally to me
  • The feeling of turning a page and reading a physical book is great

So that’s some of the reasons you may prefer physical books or e-books. But where do I stand? While I love reading and owning physical books, I absolutely adore reading e-books because I read so much quicker and it’s so much more convenient. But I will keep buying and reading physical books of course! I love both but I’m leaning just slightly more towards e-books. Let me know down in the comments where you stand on this. E-books or physical books?

3 thoughts on “E-Books vs Physical Books

  1. Okay, admittedly I shouldn’t judge you for using a Kindle because I guess they are easier and books are cheaper e.t.c! But I love the awkwardness of books! I love trying to read late at night with my little booklight or lamp, I love the feeling when I physically purchase a book at a bookshop (rather than on amazon) and I love all of the awkward reading positions I rotate between!

    However I do not feel that people who read E-Books aren’t proper fans, especially in your case because you are one of the most fangirly people I know 😀


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