Blog Changes

Today I’m going to talk about the changes that shall be happening on my blog come the new year. They will only be small changes but I thought it would be helpful if I let you know about the slight changes that will be happening, if you even care.

I shall no longer be doing monthly wrap ups and book hauls because instead of doing this, I’m probably going to do a weekly/bi-weekly(if I ever forget or something gets in the way) post about books that I’ve read over the last week, books I’ve bought in the last week, and other things about my life in that week. I’m still working on a name for this but I will have a name by the first time I need to post one which will be at the end of next week. I feel like it would be easier this way and it would also mean that I would have at least one post a week, hopefully if I stick to it.

The content on my blog will also be changing. I have already started doing Top Ten Tuesday and every Tuesday, I shall hopefully be posting my Top Ten Tuesday, if I remember to do that. As well as posting my weekly post, I will also be posting more reviews this year. As much as I love the content I have posted over the last year, I feel like I’m just posting mainly tags and random posts and I haven’t been posting many reviews. My hope is to review at least every second book that I read and hopefully I can stick to that.My reviews will also be looking slightly differently as I have changed the way that I have set them out. It will be set out similarly to how other bloggers set their’s out but you’ll have to wait until my first review to see that(which should hopefully be soon).

As well as this, I will also be becoming more active in the book blogging universe. Over the last year, I’ve slightly stayed in my own little blogging world and while I read so many amazing book blogs, I hardly ever comment on any blogs and because of this, I haven’t made many blogger friends and I want to be friends with all of you guys! I love replying to comments I have on my own blog because I love to see what opinions you all have so I’d love to comment on other peoples’ blogs and hopefully by this time next year, I will have many blogger friends.

That’s it for the little changes that I can think of that will happen in the new year. The main reason I am making these changes is because I love my blog and I want to make something of it. I need to get this blog well-known hopefully and I also need to make my blog look more professional. I hope you enjoy the changes I’ve made. Do you have any more suggestions  for how I could change my blog? Let me know down in the comments!


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