Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015

I have decided to start participating in Top Ten Tuesday again. This is a meme hosted by the girls over at the Broke and the Bookish. I will attempt to do it every week but I may not be able to so just bare with me. I think the problem I had with sticking to it beforehand was that I always felt like I needed to really explain my choices and while I still will explain my choices a little bit, I won’t be writing paragraphs about why I chose it. The one for this week is our top ten goals/resolutions for 2015. These can be bookish, blog related or personal. I already made a whole post about some of my reading and blogging resolutions for 2015 so now I will be listing ten random resolutions that I have(some may be repeats). If you want to check out that post, click here.

1. Pass my GCSEs (hopefully with straight As but that probably won’t happen)

2. Read more books than I buy

3. Plan what books to buy ahead of time and don’t buy any on an impulse

4. Write some of my story(I’ve been neglecting it for so long)

5. Review more books as I feel like I haven’t been reviewing enough books

6. Find a new hobby that I love and enjoy

7. Write about every exciting day I have and document it

8. Eat more healthily( common resolution but I seriously need to do this)

9. Become more active and do things beside sit down all day reading, blogging or watching netflix

10. Plan out my day more so I don’t get ridiculously stressed

That’s 10 of my resolutions for next year. What are some of your resolutions for next year? Let me know down in the comments.



5 thoughts on “Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015

    1. I think finding a new hobby would be really helpful because it would mean that I get to do new things. What sort of hobbies do you have? I will definitely go check out your TTT. 🙂


  1. Great goals! I love the idea of documenting your day. You have a great mix of reading / creative / self-care goals. Happy New Year!


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