101 Things I Love

So today, I was just going through some amazing blogs that I love and I came across this post called 101 Things I Love on The Mile Long Bookshelf(which is an amazing blog that you should all support) so I decided to attempt to do it myself. This will literally just be a post of 101 things I love. I will probably come up with the most random things to fill the spaces but hey let’s go!



1. Reading books(duh!)

2. Blogging(Obviously)

3. McBusted

4. McFly(is this cheating? I think not.)

5.Rainbow Rowell

6. Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Rigg’s relationship

7. The Fletcher family

8. Baking cakes

9. Brownies(YUM!)

10. Decorating cakes

11. Watching trashy reality TV shows

12. Watching gynmastics

13. Monopoly

14. Archery

15. Ludo the board game

16. Sunsets

17. Twitter

18. YABirmingham

19. When authors come and do events at the local bookstore

20. My local Waterstones

21. Book shopping

22. Posters(I hate blank walls)

23. Writing stories

24. Reorganising my bookshelf

25. The idea of travelling

26. Istanbul

27. The idea of New York

28. West End

29. London as a whole

30. Being sarcastic

31. Watching booktubers

32. Singing along to my favourite songs before I go to sleep

33. Margherita pizza

34. High School Musical(haters gonna hate)

35. Lea Michele and her awesomeness

36. Grant Gustin

37. Stalking people on instagram

38. This sofa/chaise thing in my room

39. My room as a whole

40. Friends(the TV show because who needs actual friends?)

41. Lying on my floor and doing absolutely nothing

42. Quoting things and seeing if people recognise the quotes

43. Quotes as a whole

44. Beautiful stationery(I hoard stationery)

45. Owning a bajillion notebooks

46. Christmas holidays

47. Sleeping

48. Laughing at how stupid I was years ago(courtesy of TimeHop)

49. The Flash/Arrow

50. Stephanie Perkins books

51. Calendars

52. Spending hours in the Disney store and buying nothing

53. Making food for myself from scratch and it actually turning out to be edible!

54. Watching Tom Fletcher’s vlogs

55. Glee songs(not the show anymore but the actual songs)

56. Getting books in the post(it’s like my birthday every time)

57. Eid with my family

58. Trashy rom coms

59. Going to Waterstones and starting a conversation with a random person about books

60. That moment when you tell a normal human that your hobby is reading and they have that look of judgement on their face. Hehe.

61. Fandom merch

62. Getting a Waterstones giftcard

63. Getting praise when I’ve earned it

64. Getting A*s in school(hardly ever happens but whenever it does happen I get ridiculously excited)

65. Playing Just Dance on the Wii

66. Playing the singing games on ps3 and Wii

67. My kindle, Buzz

68. The feeling I get when I buy a new book

69. Putting a new book that I’ve bought onto my bookshelf

70. Recommending books to people

71. Fangirling(not loudly but silently inside)

72. James Carstairs

73. Cricket Bell

74. Levi Stewart

75. Getting comments on my blog

76. Anything to do with Spiderman

77. Quoting LoTR and The Hobbit to people and seeing their complete shock at the fact that I know it.

78. Disney movies(animated and disney channel, duh)

79. Starstruck(the disney channel movie)

80. Gossip Girl

81. Dressing in fandom merch and getting random people coming up to you and talking to you about the fandom

82. Writing anything and everything with a pen(I love the feeling of actually writing something)

83. My bed

84. Printing out quotes that I love and putting them all around my room

85. Pretty book covers

86.  Going to the cinema

87. Tom Fletcher’s Wedding Speech

88. Seeing photos of the most adorable and cute babies(that’s not creepy right)

89. Playing badminton(weirdly)

90. Telling One Direction fans that I’ve been to see them twice. Haha.

91. Going to concerts

92. Correcting someone’s grammar and spelling

93. Shocking people with my knowledge of YA literature

94. Beating everybody on the YA fiction round on QuizUp

95. Badges. I love collecting them and putting them all over my school bag.

96. Seeing the look on someone’s face who comes into my room who isn’t a fangirl

97. Going dress shopping(it’s weird that I like this)

98.  Moving everything around in my room

99. Watching The Big Bang Theory with my family and actually understanding the science jokes

100. Reading random blogs

101. My family because they’re awesome

I DID IT! I listed 101 things that I love! Wow that took some thinking. I didn’t just want to list some of my favourite books and TV shows because you probably already know all of them. Since this was so fun I’m going to tag Makayla, Priya and Charli to do it as well because it’ll be interesting to see what you come up with! I hope you enjoyed learning more about me.




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