The One Where Sofia Discusses Her Love for McBusted(and McFly)

Recently, I have come into somewhat of a reading slump and today I’m decided to talk about something that is currently a big part of my life and is the reason for this reading slump and that is McBusted. Okay for you non-British people or for the people who are unaware of this group, let me explain what McBusted is. Back in the early 2000s a band called Busted was formed and originally there were four members. After 24 hours, one of the members called Tom Fletcher, was removed from the band because they thought the band would be better as a three piece. But Tom did not stop there. He formed a band called McFly which consisted of four people who are equally as fabulous as the members of Busted. In 2005, Busted broke up but McFly kept going strong. mcbusted jump In 2013, McFly had their 10th Anniversary Concert in Royal Albert Hall and two of the members of Busted joined them on stage and the reaction was huge. Therefore, in late 2013 they announced that they were going on tour as a supergroup called McBusted. Then earlier this year, after going on tour(which I unfortunately could not attend), they released a single and at the start of December, they released their first album. mcbusted my heart will go on Now you’re probably wondering why the hell did I just give you a brief history of McBusted? Basically for the last few months I have been ridiculously obsessed with McBusted and for these last few weeks, I have been listening to all the McBusted, McFly and Busted songs. Usually when I read, I also listen to music. However due to my obsession with McBusted, I have been unable to read while listening to McBusted and that is all because of my mild obsession with McBusted. If you talk to people who are currently close to me,  they will tell you that I’m ridiculously obsessed with McBusted and to be perfectly honest, they are probably right. mcbusted air guitar squished So I thought since I haven’t read much recently, I’d dedicate a whole post completely to McBusted and McFly and why I am so bloody obsessed with them and everything about them that is currently going through my head. mcfly dog chase Busted were my favourite artist when I was young and I was always ridiculously obsessed with them so when McBusted was announced, I got so bloody excited and I then got into McFly. McFly are one of these bands that were always around when I was growing up. Their first album was massive and everyone loved it. They became this big thing in Britain but I never fully got into them. Until now that is. I recently got all of the McFly albums and I’ve been listening to them on repeat as well as the Busted albums and the McBusted album. mcbusted hyde park Now let’s talk about the members. Weirdly, I always followed the lives of the McFly boys as well as the Busted boys. I watched I’m A Celebrity religiously when Matt and Dougie were in it, despite the fact that I never watch I’m A Celebrity. I also watched Strictly Come Dancing when Harry was on it, but I watch Strictly anyway. I also watched Brittania High, a musical TV show that James was a part of. I also watched Popstar to Operastar with Danny because I had heard of him before and I was intrigued. I’ve always just been a major fan of them as people and their songs are amazing. mcbusted paint However, there is one member of this group that is my ultimate favourite and that is Tom Fletcher. After watching his Wedding Speech(click here if you want to watch it, which you definitely should), I grew obsessed with him and his wife. Both of them have youtube channels(and both are currently doing vlogmas so definitely click here if you want check out Tom’s channel and click here if you want to check out Giovanna’s channel). I love all of their videos and their family is fabulous(their son Buzz is adorable and cute).

Is this not ridiculously adorable?
Is this not ridiculously adorable?
Aren't they adorable?
Aren’t they adorable?

One thing I haven’t mentioned is the music that they produce. They are sort of a pop/rock band that sing a lot of songs related to relationships. Most of their songs have a bit of a naughty side to it(at least one line in almost every song has a reference to something sexual). I love their songs because they have a range of different songs for your various different moods and I can basically listen to them whatever mood I’m in. All of their songs are amazing and they have amazing melodies and lyrics tom air guitar Some of my favourite Busted songs are Nerdy, Year 3000, Crashed The Wedding and Thunderbirds Are Go!. Some of my favourite McFly songs are Star Girl, Love Is Easy, All About You, Love Is On The Radio and Obviously. And then every single McBusted song is my favourite. You can’t make me pick one. You should definitely go check out all these songs.mcfly suits So I’m going to leave you with some of my favourite songs from the McBusted album. I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m aware that it is not what I usually post but it’s whats currently in my head so I thought I’d share it all with you guys. mcbusted paint sign spotify:track:1qO3vzDWH4YR37pEv3uJlQ Sofia

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