Wrapping Up 2014: YABirmingham

It’s December which means that 2014 is almost over and this scares me. Where did this year go? So many things have happened this year and I have so much to talk about for this year so throughout December and the beginning of January,  I will be making a number of posts about various things. I thought I’d start off by talking about YABirmingham and what this year has meant for me and YABirmingham.

I have mentioned YABirmingham so many times before and I will leave links at the end of this post to those posts but if you are still unaware of what YABirmingham is, it is a group of people(mainly Gem and Bex) who work at Waterstones Birmingham and are YA enthusiasts. They started off by doing events and parties but as of this year they started their own blog, which I will leave a link to down below. This year was really the year of YABirmingham because it just grew and it’s becoming more popular.

Back in April, they started asking for reviewers for their blog so of course, I sent in my review of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I then became a regular reviewer for them and I love reviewing for them. It means that more people get to see my reviews and I love this. They are so lovely and kind. They are always grateful for the reviews and I love them for it. Since I am a reviewer for them, I have become close with the workers there. Gem and Bex are so kind and they are always helpful. I don’t really know how else I can tell you how fabulous the workers are because no matter what I say, I cannot do them justice. I am eternally grateful for everything they’ve done.

Now I’m going to talk about all the events that I went to this year that were held by YABirmingham. However, just so you know, I wasn’t able to go to most of the events and this made me sad! I will not be talking about the events that I didn’t go to because you know I didn’t go to them. However, I’m 100% sure they were as amazing and fabulous as they were.

The first event that I went to in 2014 was their Divergent fan party. Having previously gone to their City of Bones fan party, I knew what to expect from this party. This party was amazing and great! It was a lot of fun because we got to talk to people who were also fans. It started off with a quiz that wasn’t too bad. We got into the final tie breaker and we were so close to winning but we made a silly mistake. We then just socialised with people and there was a raffle(which I didn’t win anything in, suprisingly!). It was a great party however we got no pictures at this event!

Th next event I went to was also a party and that was a party to celebrate the release of City of Heavenly Fire. This was a smaller event because it was arranged at short notice however I really loved this party. Since there weren’t many people there, we got to spend more time socialising with everyone. There wasn’t a quiz however there was a raffle(again I won nothing) and it was just like a small gathering. This was also the first time I actually talked to Bex and Gem in real life which was amazing!

Our runes for the COHF fan party.
Our runes for the COHF fan party.

The next event we went to was another party and this was probably my favourite of all the parties we went to. This was a John Green fan party but it was mainly The Fault In Our Stars. I wrote a whole post about this so I will link that down below because I go into more detail in that post. Basically, we won the quiz and it was so much fun! We socialised a lot and we had a whole bunch of fun basically.

Here's a picture of me and my friends wearing our t shirts that we won! Also look at my failure in this photo *facepalm*
Here’s a picture of me and my friends wearing our t shirts that we won! Also look at my failure in this photo *facepalm*

The next event was technically at the other Warerstones in Birmingham but I have to mention it of course. This event was the Rainbow Rowell event and signing. I made a whole post about this event as well so I will link that down below. I am eternally grateful for the fact that YABirmingham gave me the chance to meet my favourite author.

My picture with Rainbow Rowell.
My picture with Rainbow Rowell.

The next event was also another event that I wrote a whole post about and that was the Solitaire Launch party with Alice Oseman. This was a great event because we got to have a Q&A with Alice, we got to hear her read a passage from the book and we also got to meet her. I had so much fun at this event and Alice was amazing.

Our group photo with Alice Oseman
Our group photo with Alice Oseman

The next events were two small events that I’m going to group together and they were the Isla and the Happily Ever After readathon and the Maze Runner/Shadow and Bone book club. Both of these events were small intimate events which involved a group of people sitting around a table talking about books and I loved them! I really got to talk to more people about a number of things and I loved the fact that we kind of just ended up talking about life in general.

At the Isla readathon.
At the Isla readathon.

The next event was another party and that was The Maze Runner fan party. This was so much fun because we also got to talk to many people. We won the quiz(after a lot of debate) and I also kept winning in the raffle(it wasn’t my fault!). Another great event that I loved.

The final one is the last one that I went to this year despite the fact that there were many authors that I missed and there’s an event next week which I’m also missing. The last one I did go to was the Becca Fitzpatrick Q&A and signing. I had only just started reading her books when I went to meet her but the event was still a lot of fun because Becca was really funny and kind.

Our photo with Becca
Our photo with Becca

So to summarise, YABirmingham are amazing and fabulous and they have really made this year something special. I say it a lot but I still feel as if I don’t say it enough so thank you! I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for next year and I’m already really excited about all the events that you have announced. I’m going to leave a whole load of links at the bottom so be sure to check them out. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon with another post.


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