Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead

So when Silver Shadows came out, I started fangirling slightly about the fact that I will finally be able to read this book after waiting months for it. I had to wait an extra day to get my hands on it and I didn’t really get to read it until yesterday because I have been quite busy over the last couple of days however when I did get into it, I couldn’t stop reading. I literally sat down for two hours and just read. If you’re unaware of what Silver Shadows is, it is the 5th book in the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead which is a spin off series of Vampire Academy. I can’t tell you what Silver Shadows is about because I can’t even tell you what Bloodlines is about without spoiling Vampire Academy for you but know this, both of these two series are amazing despite the terrible names and covers. You should definitely go read the Vampire Academy series because it is honestly one of my favourite series.

Silver Shadows is most likely my favourite one in the series so far. This one is in duel POV which made me love it a bit more. As many people know Adrian is one of my top 10 bookish boyfriends(check out the list here) so seeing his POV was honestly amazing. I loved reading from his perspective because Sydney can get slightly annoying at times. The last half of the book was full of action which I loved but I also loved the first half. The first half was where we got to see the characters deal with some pretty difficult things especially Sydney(I’m trying so hard not to spoil the series for you!) and this was interesting to see just how strong willed these characters are. The plot of this book was intriguing and I kept wanting to read more of it.

Sydney has really grown over the books and I love that. At the start of the series, she’s quite uptight and reserved and a lot of people don’t like that. None of my friends have made it past Bloodlines because they really don’t like Sydney but they don’t release how much growth she goes through as a character. In this book, we really see just how much she’s changed and what she’d do to save those she loved. You really learn to respect Sydney a lot more in this book and she may even be one of my top 10 female protagonists now(I’ll make a list of them really soon). I honestly can’t wait to see just how amazing she’ll be in the final book in the series.

Oh Adrian in this book was honestly so perfect. The first half of the book made me upset because Adrian was in so much pain and I couldn’t take it but as the book goes on and he cheers up, I just kept smiling. Happy Adrian makes a happy Sofia. I love Adrian as a character and I can’t wait to read more about him in the next one. Adrian and Sydney in this book were so cute and I was just so happy for them. Throughout the whole book I went through a lot of emotions because of them. Definitely one of my main ships. I love them so much.

This was basically me throughout the book.
This was basically me throughout the book.

The thing that is making me sad right now is the fact that there is only one book left in this series. It comes out next year but there’s only one left. I don’t wait this series to end.

There's only one left
There’s only one left

I really hope that Richelle Mead decides to carry on writing in the Vampire Academy world because I am honestly not done with any of these characters especially Adrian. Adrian needs to be in more books because I need more of him. I’m excited for The Ruby Circle even though it’s coming out in February 2015! I need this book ASAP especially after that cliff hanger ending.

all good things- end

This review is all over the place because I found it hard to write a non-spoilery review of it because so much happened that I wanted to talk about. Also because I had to be careful not to spoil the rest of the series. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. See you soon with another post.




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