Solitaire Launch Party

So last night I attended the launch party for a new book called Solitaire by debut author Alice Oseman over at Waterstones Birmingham. Having read and loved this book, I was incredibly excited for this party and it did not disappoint. So here’s my recap of the evening.

I am no stranger to these YABirmingham events, since I really do love YABirmingham and everything they do. As soon as they announced this, I already knew that I was going to be there! I love the book so much so of course I wanted to come and support Alice as she started her journey as an author. Me and my friends were  some of the first people to arrive, even before Alice herself had arrived so we saw her as she walked in. She did look absolutely stunning. The whole room was also absolutely stunning. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it since my camera phone decided to break down but there was an amazing Solitaire banner and there were balloons everywhere. We sat down for a while as Alice talked to some of her family and friends but then as everyone started walking in, we started to mingle slightly. And then the actual party begun. Alice sat on the stage and read some passages from Solitaire, which was really fun to listen to especially since I knew exactly what part she was reading. I felt like I could read along with her and I knew some of the next lines which was amazing. It was amazing to hear the voices the way the author had imagined them and to see her act them out was just fabulous.

She then did a Q&A with Bex from YABirmingham which was entertaining to see her views on some things. She wasn’t afraid to talk about things that other authors may be afraid to talk about. For example, she talked about perfect castings that she’d imagined which was fun(especially when she said Robert Sheehan). She answered many questions about writing and getting your book published and gave some quite helpful advice for young aspiring authors(such as myself). She answered so many questions on the night and it’s hard to remember some of the answers. She did say that she is in the early stages of writing a second book which is due to come out next summer! I am incredibly excited for all the future books from Alice since her writing is honestly fabulous.

They then ended the Q&A and Alice set up to start signing books. Me and my friends were at the start of the queue and were incredibly excited to get our books signed since some of us had already read the book! We went down and she asked if I had a colour preference which was sweet. I chose the purple pen after getting peer pressured into it. She saw my name and recognized me from twitter which was amazing! It felt amazing to get recognized for the love you have for an author and her book. I got my individual picture with her but I looked absolutely terrible so no I won’t share that photo, however we did take a group photo with her which I’ll put at the end.

We then spent the rest of the night socializing and trying some of the amazing food they had for us. Unfortunately, we had to bid farewell to everyone and go home but the night was so amazing and I loved it very much. Thank you to YABirmingham for holding another fabulous event! If you’re interested they have three other events coming up in August with David Levithan, Lauren Oliver, Moira Young and Leigh Bardugo. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend any of the events but I’m sure they will be just as amazing as the rest so go check out their blog for more details. Also go follow them on twitter @YABirmingham and definitely go follow Alice on twitter as well @AliceOseman. You should all go buy Solitaire since it is an amazing book written by an amazing author. If you want more reasons as to why you should read Solitaire, check out my spoiler-free review here. Again a massive thank you to YABirmingham and to Alice herself for such an amazing night.

Our group photo with Alice Oseman!
Our group photo with Alice Oseman!


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