I’m A Rainbow Rowell Fangirl

Weeks, maybe even months ago, the amazing people at YABirmingham held a competition to meet Rainbow Rowell before her Birmingham signing and I of course entered. You had to write a post about what makes you the biggest fangirl or why you love Rainbow Rowell so much. I chose to do the latter. I ended up being a runner up which is exciting because I still do get to meet her early! But I’m here to share with you my entry because I think it shows a little bit about why I am such a big Rainbow Rowell fan. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m not going to sit here and write a paragraph about how I think I’m the biggest book fangirl because I’m not. Being young, I haven’t been able to travel to various places to see some of my idols and they seem to hardly ever come to Birmingham, but I would say that I am a big fangirl, especially when it comes to Rainbow Rowell. Fangirl is my absolute favourite book and I could write pages about how much that book means to me and I did actually write a review of it on my blog and on the YA Birmingham blog so definitely check that out if you are interested in knowing why I love that book so much. But in a nutshell, that book changed me and made me feel like I should be happy being who I am. I’m quite a quiet person and I’m incredibly socially awkward. Most fangirls that I’ve encountered are loud and they scream at the mention of their fandom whereas I quietly freak out(unless I’m surrounded by my friends). I thought this meant that I wasn’t a proper fangirl, until I read Fangirl. Rainbow Rowell wrote a character that was very real to me and I related to her a lot. Fangirl wasn’t the first Rainbow Rowell book I ever read, I had read Eleanor and Park previously and had absolutely adored it. I was excited for Fangirl ever since I first found out about it and I read as soon as it came out. After that I was going through Rainbow Rowell withdrawal and I started researching her and this is how I came across Attachments. I immediately got it on my kindle and read it and again absolutely adored it. I then heard about Landline and started freaking out, then I realized that I’d have to wait a while for it and became very upset. I then wrote my Fangirl review  and got into twitter.  I tweeted Rainbow Rowell about how much I loved Fangirl and she replied to me! I had a massive fangirl attack and started freaking out! My favourite author had acknowledged my existence! It was crazy and I couldn’t believe it. She has now tweeted me a total of three times and has favourited a few of my tweets! I love the fact that she really gets involved with her fans. When I found out she was coming to the UK, I started freaking out and was already planning what to wear and what to say when I met her. Then I found out that she wasn’t coming to Birmingham and I was distraught. I wanted to go to London to see her but unfortunately I will be fasting during that time and I can’t go to London. Then my prayers were answered! She announced she was coming to Birmingham! I immediately started freaking out and I kept texting my friends in our group chat and none of them were replying! I was in the car with my mum and brother and I was literally shaking. My mum told me to calm down but I couldn’t! My favourite author is coming to Birmingham! Finally my friends started answering and we started freaking out together! We were the first people to get tickets and I’m still in a state of shock. I’m going to meet Rainbow Rowell. I mean how crazy is that? I’ve started planning it. What I’ll wear, what I’ll say when I go up to get my books signed. I’m saving all my money and I’m going to have self restraint when buying books because I need the special editions of her books, especially Fangirl. I’m honestly so excited and I just can’t wait for it. It’s going to be a perfect day.

 This entry turned out to be longer than I thought it would be but I just have so much to say about how much I love Fangirl and Rainbow Rowell and I’m so excited for Landline and to finally meet her. I would definitely call myself a big fan of Rainbow Rowell, even though I’ve never travelled to meet her but being young and broke doesn’t let me do that. I had always hoped she’d come to Birmingham and that I could finally meet her and now it’s happening and I’m so excited.
I hope you enjoyed that. Honestly, I just uploaded it so that I can have my own way of referring back to it before I lose it forever. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon with another post.
P.S This was written back in May so some of the information may be a little outdated.

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