The One Where Sofia Discusses Her Love For Friends

I love many TV shows(check out my top ten TV couples list) but Friends will always and forever be my favourite TV show so I thought I’d tell you all why I love Friends so much. This is not a book related post but I wanted to do it anyway.



So why do I love Friends? I got into Friends in year 7. For those of you who live in the UK, Friends used to come on every day on E4 and me and my mum used to watch almost every episode. It has since been replaced by The Big Bang Theory(don’t get me wrong I love The Big Bang Theory but it isn’t Friends) and has been moved over to Comedy Central. I don’t have Comedy Central which is quite annoying so the first big purchase that I ever made with my own money was the complete Friends boxset. This is normally around £100 but it was on sale for £40 so I bought it and I have not regretted it ever since. So I guess the first reason as to why I love Friends is because of sentimental value. I still remember watching the episodes with my mum and my siblings occasionally and I loved that.

I got into Friends at the same time that I got into Harry Potter. I’d seen the odd Friends episode before but I had never started loving it until then and the same thing happened with Harry Potter. I had seen all the films but I had not fully appreciated it’s beauty until then. I made friends in year 7 because of my new found love for Harry Potter and because of my new found love for Friends. As a group we all loved Friends and we would talk about it endlessly and watch episodes together. So the second reason I love Friends is because it helped me make friends.

The third reason is because I see parts of myself in all of the main characters. Even though I am clearly not an adult going through the things they go through, I still feel like I can relate to them all in different ways. Chandler is basically like me in the way that he is quite sarcastic and he uses humour as a defence. I don’t always use humour as a defence but I do sometimes and I can be very sarcastic when I want to be(which is most of the time).  People don’t always think he’s funny because they don’t get his jokes and I’m like that because I make fandom related jokes and nobody understands them. He also has a lot of self esteem issues and that is basically me as well. He also isn’t very good at advice or comforting people and I think we’ve already established that I’m basically Chandler Bing. Also, he can’t cry just like me!

chandler advice chandler bing funny


I am also quite like Monica. I love to cook(mainly baking but I still love to cook) as does Monica. I’m also very annoying without realising. I’m somewhat of a neat freak as well but not as much as Monica is. I am slightly crazy like Phoebe and I’m wacky and weird like her. I also am a bit silly and stupid sometimes like Joey. I’m also just as bad at French as Joey is and I’m doing it for GCSE so I am well and truly screwed. I also get confused over everything just like Joey does. Also I share his love for food, especially pizza. Pizza is just the best thing ever. I am not as similar to Ross and Rachel as I am with the others but I still love them.

joey-confused joey-pizza

I haven’t yet told you the main reason why I love Friends so much. That is because it is so bloody funny! I love to watch Friends no matter how I’m feeling. Whenever, I’m feeling down I watch Friends because it always cheers me up. I think I’ve seen every Friends episode so many times that  I could probably quote whole episodes to you. I just love Friends so much. I share this love with most of my friends especially Priya and Veena and I think our love for Friends has strengthened our own friendship. So my love for Friends is similar to my love for Harry Potter because it helped me find friends and it’s always there to cheer me up. so thank you Friends and anyone who was ever involved in making it. I love you all because you’ve just made my life happy.

I love everybody who was involved in making Friends as much as Joey loves Chandler.
I love everybody who was involved in making Friends as much as Joey loves Chandler.


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