25 Facts About Me tag

Hey. Yesterday I was looking at my blog and I realised that I had only ever written one personal post that isn’t book related or TV related so I tried to find some sort of personal post to make. I then was watching some BookTube videos (as always) and I came across this tag so I thought I’d be fun to do it. I may not be able to find 25 facts but hey let’s try. Hopefully, you can all get to know me a bit more. So let’s go.

1. I’m a Muslim.

2. I’m 15.

3. My birthday is 16th January.

4. I go to an all girls grammar school but if you read my Solitaire review, then you’d know that.

5. I moved schools in year 8. I used to go to a comprehensive school but it just wasn’t for me.

6. I have a weird phobia of ducks. I hate them so much and it’s not just because of Will Herondale that I hate them. I actually do full on hate them.

7. I also hate escalators. I hate how they move for you. I’d much rather take the stairs.

8. I also hate crisps. They are just horrendous. They smell terrible and I hate the way they crunch. *shudder*

9. Ever since year 7, I’ve always said my favourite movie is A Walk To Remember. I still love it but I’m not sure if it’s my favourite. I’m not sure what my favourite would be.

10. My favourite TV show of all time is always going to be Friends. I adore that show.

11. My favourite band is probably The All American Rejects or Imagine Dragons.

12. I love Lea Michele. Her album is my favourite album at the moment.

13. I have an obsession with Grant Gustin. He will always and forever be my number one obsession.

Grant Gustin = Too perfect for life.
Grant Gustin = Too perfect for life.

14. I love muscials. I’m not the biggest fan of them and I haven’t seen most of them but I still love them.

15. My favourite musical is either Legally Blonde: The Musical, A Very Potter Musical or The Phantom of The Opera.

16. I haven’t seen The Lion King.

17. My favourite Disney movie is either Beauty and The Beast or Tangled.

18. However, my favourite Disney princess is either Snow White or Belle. I love Snow White but I don’t love the movie(I like it but not as much as Tangled).

19. My favourite superhero is either Flash or Spider-Man.

20. I love to bake. I absolutely love baking cakes.

21. I love to watch BookTube videos as stated in my introduction. My favourite booktubers are Christine(PolandBananasBOOKS), Kat(Katytastic) and Regan(PeruseProject) but I love them all.

22. My favourite song and the most played song on my iPod is So Close by Jon McLaughlin which is the song used in the ballroom scene in Enchanted.

23. I had a weird Sterling Knight obsession when I was younger. I loved Sonny With A Chance and Starstruck.

24. I love High School Musical. Not even going to lie, I own all the movies, a t-shirt, a flag and a cap.

25. I hate cheese but I love pizza.

That’s my 25 facts. I can’t believe I actually thought of 25. Don’t hate me after learning some of them.  I tag my awesome best friends Priya, Makayla, Ambi and Veena. I’m intrigued to see what your facts are.







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